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7 easy steps to run a contest on social media

Contests on social media are known to be effective and cheap. They allow to animate your community, to gain new prospects and to get visibility. How to easily run a contest? We have the answer!

Comment organiser un concours sur les réseaux sociaux

7 steps to run a contest :

1# Define your goals

In the first place, you need to define your objectives. For what reason would you like to hold this contest?

  • To get new fans and potential customers
  • To animate your community
  • To engage and build customer loyalty
  • To create viral content
  • To drive traffic to your website
  • To inform about a new offer or a new product

#2 Choose the type of game

They are several game mechanics. Some are build using an application, but we will here develop competitions that do not need any tools. No need to complicate things: a simple formula will be effective and will not take you too much preparation time. Here are the most popular contests:

  • Photo contest

The principle is to ask users to share a photo, for example of your destination or establishment put in situation, by mentioning a specific #. This way you can find the photos of the participants easily. This contest is usually done on Instagram. You can designate the winner either according to the number of likes or according to the originality of the photo. The advantage of photo contest is that they generate a strong involvement of participants useful to your image but the effort to provide may also discourage some.

Run a contest on social media

  • The simple contest

Here you give your conditions to the participants of type “Tag 3 friends in comment”, “Share the post in public mode” or “Like the post”. The best is to combine 2 or 3 conditions. Do not ask too much: the more complex the less the user will participate. This is very effective if you want to create viral content which will be shared quickly and will be visible to a large number of people.

Contest social media

#3 Offer an adequate price

The reward will determine the number of participants! It must be attractive enough to make people want to play. Be generous otherwise abstain because your competition is likely to be a fiasco.

In addition, your price must also be adapted to your target. This way, your competition will attract an audience adapted to your brand. For example, if you are in the hospitality industry, offer a night in your hotel or an access to your spa area.

#4 Determine the number of winners

This choice will be made according to the price to be won. In general, there are between 1 and 3 winners for contests on social networks. For example, you can organize the same contest on your Facebook page and on your Instagram page. You will then have 1 winner for each platform.

#5 Start your contest at the right time

Always communicate when your target is available. Set a deadline to enter your contest: day + end time. Also, communicate the date on which the winner will be announced.

#6 Announce the big winner

If your condition was to reach the most of like, you just have to look at this. If you draw, a simple way is to enter the names of all participants in an Excel spreadsheet. Then choose a random number or use a digit generator site. For example, this one. Communicate the winners’ names on your page and also send them a private message. Indicate in this message the conditions so that the person can recover his gift.

#7 Thank

Write a post to congratulate the winner and thank all participants. Continue to communicate on your social networks following the closing of the contest!

contest social media

If you have followed all these steps, congratulations you can launch your contest!

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