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The selection of adventure destinations by Headerpop

There are many destinations around the world to enjoy thousands of adventures in extraordinary settings such as Norway, New Zealand, South Africa or Iceland. At Headerpop, we have a soft spot for Canada, Guyana and Austria at the moment ...


From coast to coast, Canada offers a multitude of activities – you can walk or cycle from one coast to the other on the 23,000-kilometer Trans-Canada Trail. Alpine skiing, climbing, kayaking dog sledding, snowmobiling … in Canada the wealth of the adventure offer is enormous. With 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites and 1 Arctic Circle crossing point, the second largest country in the world is an adventurer’s paradise.


Formerly known as “green hell”, Guyana is today the happiness of nature lovers and adventurers. For adventures, this country is contrasted. Here you can see the ultramodern space center from which the Ariane rocket launches right next to the Amazon forest and historic remains. Aimed at adventure travelers, its equatorial forest, which is easy to access, allows you to observe wild animals very closely such as the jaguar, the giant otter, the monkey or the very rare tapir. Discover the largest forest on our planet by foot and by boat and discover an apart world.


Its slogan, “escape and relive”, shows the positioning of this country in terms of adventure tourism. Globally known for its beautiful landscapes and endless mountains, Austria offers a well-structured offer that attracts adventure tourists. Many activities such as alpine skiing, paragliding, hang-gliding and mountain hikes are offered in centers such as the Stubai Kurse Freeridecenter or the AREA 47 at the entrance of the Ötzal Valley. Everything is arranged to accommodate in the best conditions the lovers of thrills.


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