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Adventure tourism, a real industry

Long-time associated with explorers, humanitarian workers, pilgrims, missionaries... adventure tourism has become a real industry today. Combining both a taste for risk and a human approach, this form of tourism is more and more appreciated. We'll tell you all about it!

tourisme aventure

What is adventure tourism?

Adventure tourism and ecotourism are often mixed up. Although there are some common features of these two forms of tourism, some distinctions can be made. Ecotourism is primarily focused on nature conservation and environmental awareness, while adventure tourism involves a natural environment that requires physical effort, skill, and relative risk. Thus, it is possible to do adventure tourism without it being ecotourism and vice versa.

tourisme aventure

The Adventure Ecotourism Québec group (AEQ), whose mission is to represent and promote Quebec’s adventure tourism and eco-tourism producers, defines adventure tourism as follows:

“Adventure tourism is an outdoor activity or combination of activities taking place in a particular natural environment (unusual, exotic, isolated, unusual or wilderness). Adventure tourism uses unconventional means of transport, either motorized (snowmobile, quad, etc.) or non-motorized (walking, canoeing, kayaking, etc.). In addition, the activity necessarily implies a level of risk, which may vary according to the environment (isolation, geographical characteristics, etc.) or the nature of the activities and means of transport involved.”

To summarize, we will remember:

  • Adventures on Earth: Hiking or biking, horse riding, safari, hunting, military training camp …

tourisme aventure

  • Aquatic activities: Canoeing, kayaking, fishing, diving, sailing, rafting …

tourisme aventure

  • Adventures in the mountains: trekking, downhill skiing, snowboarding, climbing, bungee jumping, paragliding …

tourisme aventure

  • The instructive adventures: archaeological activities, research expedition, orienteering …
  • Human adventures: training camps, international volunteering, couch surfing (homestay for free) …

tourisme aventure


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