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Adventure tourists profiles

Once reserved for young people and sportsmen, adventure tourism is expanding and appeals to other types of clients. Today's travellers want to get out of their routine, take up challenges and test their abilities. Here is a panorama of these new adventurers.

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But what types of tourists wish to practice these adventure activities?

  • They are of all ages, 27% of tourists are between 25 and 44 years old and 25% are over 54 years old.
  • 62% of them are international travelers (they have at least made an international trip for 3 years).
  • 68% have a family income over $ 75,000

According to a study published in the Travel & TourismAnalyst, travelers looking for adventure are generally people from urban backgrounds and with a higher level of education.

tourisme aventure

From these data, several segments of travelers are drawn:

  • Young people: they prefer to organize their trip themselves and practice extreme sports and more energetic activities (kayaking, rafting, scuba diving …)

  • Boomers: 45 years old and over. The oldest of them are often childless at home, have high incomes, more free time and want to discover the world.
  • Families: Parents who love adventure travel want to discover the world with their children.


  • Women: Women are more inclined towards soft adventure tourism and travel with various activities.

  • Honeymoon couples: The newlyweds want to discover the country for their honeymoon today. They mix adventure and luxury tourism.

  • Single travelers: The number of single travelers increases, especially in the case of small guided groups.


These travelers seek to confront nature, but it should not be confused adventure tourism and ecotourism which is more focused on the discovery of nature and less on the search for thrills.


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