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All about Pinterest ads

Pinterest has recently opened up the possibility of advertising in Europe. For brands, this is a new way to reach consumers by inspiring them.We explain everything!

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With over 400 million active monthly users worldwide, Pinterest is an opportunity for brands to reach new audiences. What do I need to know before I start advertising on Pinterest? Is this network suitable for tourism and lifestyle communications?

What is Pinterest?

Generally, Pinterest is classified under the label social networks. Well, that’s a mistake!

Pinterest is positioned more as a discovery platform than as a social network. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest’s audience is centered on itself and is future-oriented. Users go there on their own with a planning perspective: to find inspiration that will help them carry out projects. But on social networks, users find friends and their actions are part of the present or the past.

Why advertise on Pinterest when you are a tourism or lifestyle brand?

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The state of mind of the user

When the user comes to Pinterest, he has a project in mind but has not necessarily thought about brands beforehand. In fact, 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means that a brand, regardless of its size or notoriety, has the possibility of being recognized on the platform.

This means that tourism companies, whatever their offer and the destination they propose, will be granted a place on Pinterest, even with a small budget! However, you will have to be creative to seduce the platform’s users and learn how to select the keywords that work.

The discovery of brands

On Pinterest, visitors are at the very beginning of the shopping experience. They come to the platform for inspiration and they don’t yet have a clear idea of their needs.

Users are therefore completely open to discovering new brands through sponsored or unsponsored content. Moreover, 55% of users do not identify any difference between the two types of content.

Travel inspirations

Currently, the public of Pinterest expresses in its research its need for escape as well as a new interest in nearby destinations.

Thus, for tourism and lifestyle players, it is high time to create a first campaign of sponsored pins to inspire ideas for discoveries or propose new experiences.

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How does advertising on Pinterest work?

Pinterest is therefore a network with strong potential to promote tourism or lifestyle brands. But then, how does advertising work on Pinterest?

If you are already familiar with the advertising boards of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, you will notice that the principle is the same on Pinterest. If not, don’t panic! We will explain everything in the rest of this article.

On Pinterest, advertisers create campaigns by setting a goal. They define different targets and create different ad formats. Once launched, the ads are displayed either on the user’s home page or in the results of their searches.

The different types of Pinterest advertising campaigns

  • The awareness campaign: billed on a CPT (Cost Per Thousand) basis and which aims to raise awareness among users to increase the brand’s notoriety.
  • The traffic campaign: billed to the CPC (Cost Per Click) and which consists in generating traffic on a brand’s page (Instagram, Facebook, website, etc.).
  • The conversion campaign: billed to the oCPT (Optimized Cost Per Thousand) and which aims to obtain a maximum number of conversions of a predefined action.
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The different types of targeting on Pinterest

  • Interests: to reach users with these interests.
  • Keywords: to target the audience that types these keywords in the search bar.
  • Existing customer list: to reach specific customers by importing e-mail addresses for example.
  • Retargeting visitors: to target people who have already interacted with your Pinterest content.
  • Actalike: to reach people who behave similarly to an audience you already have.

It is entirely possible to combine these different types of targeting.

The different ad formats on Pinterest

  • The standard pin: takes the form of a static pin on the home page or in the search results.
  • The carousel: is a slide show of images that allows you to display several images in a single pin.
  • The standard video: video format on the home page or in search results.
  • The max width video: videos that enlarge and take up the entire width of the screen.

We advise you to mix the different formats within the same campaign. This will allow you to analyze the formats to which your audience is most sensitive.

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A real opportunity

The Headerpop team agrees: Pinterest ads for a destination or lifestyle brand represent a great opportunity. Indeed, the network is still very accessible in terms of advertising costs and the competition is relatively weak (especially in the field of tourism).

Often, the design of a digital campaign brings together elements that are simple to understand but sometimes more complicated to implement. For this reason, it can be useful to go through an agency that, at least for the first campaigns, will be able to accompany you. Contact Headerpop for more information!

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