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Analysis: Deco 2021 trends on Instagram

Headerpop analyzes for you the new decoration trends on Instagram, a real gold mine of creative ideas. Our team closely follows decorating trends to get inspired in our lifestyle communication missions and...design our offices and homes with style :)

A comforting interior

Unanimously, 2021 is headed for minimalist decoration and comforting colors. These stylistic dynamics are of course punctuated by the desire for a warm atmosphere and the need to live in an interior that reflects one’s personality. The goal is to feel at home as if you were in a real cocoon to recharge your batteries and take care of yourself.

The material to remember: curly wool

Curly wool is a warm and comforting material, both sophisticated and natural, which has everything to please. It warms interiors and adds a comforting vintage touch to design and minimalist decors.

The ideal combination for a trendy interior: curly wool and handicrafts.


Handicrafts and DIY objects

This year, sustainable consumption gives meaning to our daily lives. Thus, decoration goes back to basics and pampers the raw materials. Terracotta, porcelain, ceramics or even cement inspire decorators to create unique objects with original shapes.

The most of this trend? You can make it your own by making your own decorative objects in DIY, because the imperfections and irregularities accentuate its charm.

The tuto we selected: June Sixty Five: 10 DIY deco


Candles and twisted candles

We agree that candles are the big stars of the decoration this year. The softness of their light and the comfort they provide are a great help during the difficult months of the beginning of the year when the house becomes a real refuge.

Candles can be seen everywhere on Instagram, as well as tutos to make them yourself. They are original, playful and most often colored to give pep to a natural interior. On social networks, the “Twisted Candles” are at the top of the decoration trends. They are sure to make an impression in your living room!


The artistic impulse: painting and sculpture

Without being able to fill up with culture from all over the world and museums, culture comes to us and mixes with our interiors. Cushions are covered with faces, plates and carpets with pictorial frescoes, paintings with abstract forms and decorative objects look more like exceptional sculptures. The source of this new trend: young design artists who are inspired by the greatest such as Picasso, Cocteau, Matisse or other eminent artists of the twentieth century.


Decoration, a source of inspiration

In recent months, the world of the home has taken on a predominant importance in our daily lives: the brands understand this well. Whatever the product or service sold, the enhancement of a trendy decor inevitably accentuates the attachment with the public.

Thus, following decoration trends allows the Headerpop team to be inspired by the colors and materials that touch the public at a given time. These impulses can be found in the agency’s graphic creations or in the details of the studio photos or reports produced by our teams.


Headerpop observes the new uses from here and elsewhere to propose a trendy, spontaneous and engaging lifestyle communication.

The idea? Define a brand according to its character and enhance its universe with the details that make the difference and inspire the public.
Values, originality, history, community, style, we build together the unique personality of your brand.

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