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Artisanal tourism: the vacations of tomorrow

After years of beach or ski holidays, tourists want something different. We talk to you about artisanal tourism, a new way of experiencing holidays by offering an authentic and creative interlude, right next door!

Artisanal tourism is a way of vacationing where expression and creativity are privileged. It is a parenthesis where one takes the time to create and to be inspired by others, to realize an object, a vegetable garden, a dish… according to the taste and the desires of each one.

What is very interesting is the meeting of two motivations and the sharing that comes from this meeting. First of all, the motivation of the craftsmen who decide to receive novices to train them in their know-how. Secondly, the visitors who decide to change their vacation style to live an authentic and enriching experience.

Here is a small overview to identify the strengths of artisanal tourism and the offers to follow.

The 3 reasons that make artisanal tourism a new way of vacation

  • A soft consumption: The public has a strong desire to reduce its impact on the environment and to find a reasonable and attentive consumption mode. The return to handicrafts and local production reflects this motivation. Artisanal tourism allows to escape next door, to discover a region of one’s own country in a new light, to meet friends and to offer oneself an unforgettable vacation without having to empty one’s bank account. All the advantages of slow tourism…
  • A rewarding discovery: Designing with your own hands brings much more value and personal fulfillment than buying a consumer product. On the networks, the explosion of sharing around DIY-related content is proof of this. On Pinterest, one can find thousands of inspirations in the fields of ceramics, basketry, watercolor, lace, embroidery, knitting, permaculture, beekeeping, weaving, DIY, and many other fields! On TikTok, the tutorial videos are also part of the great success of the network.
  • A soothing practice: Carrying out manual activities with other enthusiasts allows you to train your learning capacity and to acquire a good state of concentration more easily. It is also a way to disconnect and recharge your batteries.

The 100% beach or 100% ski vacations will probably be replaced in the future by more diversified vacations with various artistic, craft, sports and cultural activities. We will leave closer to home, with the desire to enjoy all the changes of scenery offered.

For the artisans, it is a great opportunity in many ways: additional income, animation of their communities, knowledge sharing, development of their activities, beneficial word of mouth…

Who offers artisanal tourism?

Here is a small inventory to better understand the current offer.

  • Internship offers from artisans and tourist destinations. More and more tourist offices are encouraging craftsmen to offer internships to tourists. Thus the craftsman becomes the ambassador of the local culture and crafts and benefits by developing his activity.
  • Offers from specialized organizations : Associations or training centers offer craft tourism to their communities. There are also courses that combine physical and artistic activities: yoga and ceramics, walking and painting, permaculture and music… The ideal choice for a perfect balance between body and mind.

Artisanal tourism is in the air, it’s a fact. Moreover, this trend motivates many city dwellers, tired of living in the city in increasingly restrictive conditions, to leave everything behind to go on an adventure and start an artisanal activity. The nearby destinations will, without any doubt, take advantage of this new attractiveness for their territories. 🙂


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