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Boost your Valentine’s Day bookings

Between the Christmas and Easter holidays, the period can seem hollow for some destinations and hotels.
So, when most tourists go skiing, how to communicate and relaunch the city trip or romantic strolls? ...Valentine's Day!


According to one study, 46% of couples intend to celebrate their halves, and couples are generally willing to spend much more than they are used to on this special occasion. So here are some very good reasons to communicate around this day to attract visitors and boost your bookings. To do so, we’ve put together some effective tips:

Use your social networks wisely


  • Communicate about Valentine’s Day on your website and on your social network pages. For example, change your profile and cover photo for a romantic atmosphere. This way, your subscribers will understand that you have an offer for them on this occasion.
  • Organize a contest on social networks to win one of the internet users a free night in your hotel. Indeed, contests generate visibility as well as multiple instant shares. They also make it possible to target new prospects.

Here is an example of a contest on the Facebook page of the Hotel Agenda Louise.

  • Animate your community on social networks by showing that you value them and that you are close to them. For example, ask them what they are planning to do on February 14th, what is love for them or simply identify their half on your publication.

Offer a unique little “extra”

  • Offer a little “romantic” extra, such as breakfast in your room or a bottle of champagne on arrival.
  • Organize partnerships with local shops in your area by offering discounts for original and glamorous activities in the vicinity of your hotel.
  • Don’t hesitate to offer your guests an original idea to please their loved one… They too are looking for inspiration and will be grateful to you for having thought of it for them!

Now you’re all set. For next year, launch your Valentine’s Day operation well in advance, starting in January, to ensure the success of your actions!

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