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Ceramics is comeback

It is much talked about, we see it everywhere in decoration shops, it is making a comeback after a few years of oblivion, we talk of course about... CERAMICS!

Ceramic, what’s that?

An art dating back to prehistoric times, ceramics is a fired clay object, a natural and authentic product. Ceramics is also the technical term used to make pottery, terracotta, earthenware, enamel, raw clay, stoneware and porcelain .

Crédit: O-M Ceramic

Why we love it ?

  • Ceramics, it’s back to the roots, it’s a 100% natural material.
  • The production is artisanal (and ancestral), all the pieces are handmade, which makes them all unique.
  • It’s anchored in the slow life fashion, the young generation wants to buy less but better today.
  • And finally, we can make our own, and we’d love to try it.

Here are a few inspirations…

crédit: Pinterest

The current trend

Art of the table: plates, cups of Japanese inspiration, carafes, spoons, everything can be done, and in thousands of different ways since each piece is unique.

Floors and walls: for an interior with more natural touches, choose ceramics! In addition to its rendering, ceramic coverings offer the advantages of being incombustible, healthy, hygienic, easy to clean and do not generate static electricity.

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credit: Creative Cables France

Decorative objects: vases and other small decorations are back in vogue, what do you think? Here is our selection of our favourites:

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credit: Pinterest
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credit: Pinterest


Craft is on the rise and inspires the new generation of entrepreneurs. More and more workshops are opening and offering pottery classes. To give you an idea of the training offered, here are a few well thought-out courses to take your first steps in ceramics.

Feel free to visit their Instagram to see which one suits your style and ceramic desires.




Bourgogne-Franche-Comté: EMA-CNIFOP

The International School of Ceramics is located in Puisaye, in a pottery village west of Paris (approx. 180 km by car). The school offers many 1-week courses to learn or improve your skills in the various techniques of ceramics, turning, sculpture, moulding, decorations etc… The strong points? The competence of the trainers, the internationally recognised school and the atmosphere favoured by the trainees.



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Ateliers des tropiques – Instagram

Little tips, if you want to do craft workshops, the Wecandoo.fr website gathers many of them all over France!

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