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Coca-Cola amplifies its lifestyle communication

With its new campaign "Open, Like Never Before", Coca Cola is radically changing its approach and placing lifestyle at the center of its communication. Here's how to talk about the red and white brand without showing the famous bottle...

Coca-Cola Open Like Never Before

After its campaign in support of the restaurant sector with the hashtag #HORECAHEROES, Coca Cola continues to show its concern and involvement in the current circumstances. The famous red and white brand recently released an ad that places lifestyle at the centre of its communication.

“Who says everything has to go back to the way it was before?”

With its new campaign “Open, like never before”, Coca invites people to change the way they look at the world around them. A 2-minute video in collaboration with the artist George the Poet who plays on emotion to encourage open-mindedness. In other words, a campaign that is unlike the brand’s other commercials.

Coca brings a reflection on the need to enjoy the simple things and to find each other after the global crisis that we have gone through. It reminds us of the essential, the small moments of happiness and the importance of accepting oneself but also others as they are. And it has an effect, shivers guaranteed.

Lifestyle in the spotlight

Lifestyle in advertising campaigns is the new formula that is currently working. People are looking for support and a breath of fresh air, and Coca Cola understands this.

They play on current circumstances, they highlight the emotions and, above all, the lifestyle of the brand. The product is no longer the essential element of advertising, it is relegated to the background. The advertising spot no longer has the sole aim of showing an item that is absolutely must sell, but seeks more depth by highlighting the brand’s image.

The product takes second place

In the campaign spot “Open, more than ever”, you can see a distributor of the brand, one or the other bottle of the famous drink. But nothing obvious. It’s more about product placement, insidious and touching the unconscious of the consumer.

In other visual media, colour coding and graphic effects are sufficient to link a poster to the brand. No logo, the brand is not even mentioned. But a poem in the spirit of the times, and the result is striking. And a marked audience is a successful communication.

Poem in French from the latest Coca-Cola campaign – #OpenLikeNeverBefore

To remember from this campaign

This type of campaign is unusual, but it works! You play on feelings to create a link with the consumer and enrich the brand community. If the public likes the messages conveyed by the brand, they will buy its products to adhere to its philosophy.

Headerpop is not used to talking about products such as those offered by Coca Cola on its blog, but we decided to take advantage of this campaign to illustrate what we think is the future of communication.

To remember for a lifestyle communication: forget about sales messages when they are imperative (buy our…, quickly take advantage of…, etc.), favour a discreet presentation of the offer, assert the style of the brand as soon as possible and above all… share the emotion.

about lifestyles

Headerpop observes new uses from here and elsewhere to propose a trendy, spontaneous and engaging lifestyle communication. The idea? To define a brand according to its character, enhance its universe and enrich its seductive power with details that make the difference and inspire the public.

Do you want to enrich your brand by illustrating its lifestyle or to promote a more conscious and responsible approach? Get confy, we take care of everything!

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