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E-reputation: criticize me, I love it!

Everyone now agrees that e-reputation has a direct impact on the commercial results of hotels and tourist activities.
But how can you optimize your reputation management without taking your customers' opinions into account?


Take advantage of reviews to improve your offer

Opinions left by customers allow hotel owners and tourism professionals to adapt their pricing strategies and services. But what is the future of customer opinions, will they still be as influential in the coming years?

Moritz Klussmann, CEO of the Customer Alliance (the centralized e-Reputation Management solution), replies,”Customer reviews will continue to play an important role in the future. On the other hand, I think that opinions will evolve… A customer feedback must be constructive for both the company and the consumer. Customer advisories must help solve a problem and give the customer the most accurate information.” Thus, the consumer, who is now aware of the impact of his opinions, will take his role more and more seriously by providing opinions that are argued and useful for the tourism professional.

Enhance visibility through customer reviews

The optimization of e-reputation also helps to develop its visibility and a good online presence.

  • By posting your reviews on your website, you improve the conversion and direct sales on your website but also your SEO with the stars score in Google results.
  • You multiply pages that talk about you such as TripAdvisor, Google+, Facebook… and thus your online visibility.
  • You include notification management into your SEO strategy. Indeed reviews provide you with valuable information on the strengths to be valued and thus the goof key words to select.

Retain and recruit customers by using customer reviews

Good customer notification management not only allows you to adapt your strategy but also to build customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Thus, following a negative opinion, a response is essential.

The director of Critizr (French startup, which allows consumers to question the director of a company directly through positive or negative criticism) Nicolas Hammer, explains that “the truth is far from what one imagines. Businesses receive far more positive feedback than we think. Critizr allows them to manage their e-reputation, which is essential today. It is also a means of managing dissatisfaction. An unhappy customer who doesn’t come back costs the company a lot of money. We help them to get this client back, since the manager will answer him directly.”.

Optimize investment with OTA (taking advantage of their advice)

It is also very important to be visible on a maximum of OTA. Customers are constantly looking for information online. To do so they go to different OTAs like Booking or Expedia and compare offers and reviews. After a first selection, they then visit the websites of the selected hotels or activities. It is important to know that before making a decision, a traveller visits an average of 22 websites. He will go through your website during its search and if he is reassuring he will buy.

To summarize

The management of e-reputation is therefore as much a means of building loyalty as a tool for marketing analysis and optimizing its offer. The solution to make the most of it is to use a tool for centralising notices, SEO optimization and marketing analysis as proposed by Customer Alliance for example.

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