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Feeling good at home: the public’s number one motivation in 2021

Since last year, the house has become a refuge where it is more important than ever to feel good. New routines have emerged and new activities have been added to our daily lives. Headerpop highlights these routines that are becoming more and more important in 2021.

For more than a year, the house has become our main living space where family and professional life mix up. We have therefore had to show ingenuity but also curiosity to reinvent our daily lives and feeling good at home.

Our lifestyles have evolved and many uses have been developed to make home a haven of peace and quiet. The public has learned to enrich their days with cultural activities, sports, handicrafts, and many other new inspirations.

Creative and manual activities

How to spend your days at home? Alone, with family or friends, manual activities are becoming increasingly popular: the trend is towards do-it-yourself or handmade products. They help to develop creativity and imagination, provide a sense of calm and allow you to escape.

  • The art of thread is making a comeback and embroidery, sewing or knitting are no longer outdated. These creative hobbies have been brought up to date and are exciting a young and creative public.
  • Another phenomenon, painting and especially watercolours, are becoming a fashionable phenomenon that cannot be ignored. This pictorial art brightens up our decor with subtle nuances with a poetic allure.
  • Upcycling is also part of the activities in which enthusiasts of second-hand decoration and clothing are delighted to engage, in order to be at the cutting edge of the trend while being eco-responsible!

These activities are attractive because they offer the opportunity to personalise and create unique works of art and therefore to feel truly at home. They allow us to exhibit artistic creations that attract us and to create our own museum at home.

Instagram – @biscotte.creations

A decor that relaxes and gives a change of scenery

Feeling good at home is to have a decoration is in line with our tastes and desires. The interior of a house is a reflection of its owner and therefore its inner world.

  • The first point is that nature is inviting itself into the home, and the current attraction for natural materials such as wood, bamboo, linen and rattan is the perfect expression of this. Similarly, fabrics and decorative paints are adopting natural tones such as beige, sage green and clay. Finally, giant plants are arriving to transform the house into a jungle and dried flowers are making a comeback, proudly displayed in magnificent handmade ceramic vases.
  • We take care of the atmosphere with candles. They are available in all kinds of scents, colours and styles, and some designers even work on the slight noise they make when they burn to further enhance the experience (like L’art osé and WoodWickBelgium). They create a warm atmosphere and a very special mood, perfect for relaxation.
  • Finally, the bohemian style allows you to let go and warm up the atmosphere. Macramé objects, table runners, wall fabrics or hanging baskets are all very popular, as are shells or Berber fabrics.
Instagram – @macramesparlaura

The decoration has therefore been adapted to offer a warm environment where we can enjoy spending time in a harmonious and green decor that inspires and makes us travel.

An inventive gastronomy

Being at home more often enables us to adopt a more “slow” lifestyle. It is therefore an opportunity to cook, to follow original recipes and to prepare good home-made meals.

Desserts, and pastries in general, are very popular with people who want to please themselves and their families. Cookies, muffins, banana breads and other cakes have become the stars of our networks.

Taking the time to cook is also a way to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The development of bulk grocery shops and the trend towards urban vegetable gardens are encouraging the public, even city dwellers, to prepare dishes that respect the balance of the seasons and local production as much as possible.

Instagram – @thewildlab.be

Finally, the closure of restaurants has changed the takeaway offer, which has diversified considerably. Recently we have seen 100% takeaway concepts emerge, with a real effort to limit the ecological impact of their activity and a careful lifestyle communication.

New sports habits

Many people want to stay active, even at home. Indoor sports are the perfect way to disconnect and unwind.

For example, yoga and meditation are physical practices that are attractive because of their many benefits for the body and mind. The sports trend to remember? Online coaching and fitness applications. Connected to social networks, fans enjoy fitness sessions guided by sports coaches or influencers, to watch in live or in recorded mode.

Instagram – @theyoginist

A special place for well-being

In 2021, taking care of oneself and maintaining one’s well-being is a priority. We have seen a boom in sales of beauty masks, colours, massage oils, but also jacuzzis, saunas or swimming pools at home.

Interestingly, the public is increasingly attracted to making their own cosmetic products. These products use more natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types. This new habit combines a creative occupation with the desire to preserve one’s well-being.

Instagram – @biotenaturelle

In order to take advantage of a relaxing break and feel more at peace in these sometimes difficult times, the home is transformed into a wellness salon where calm and serenity reign.

Feeling good at home: what impact for brands?

In their constant quest to improve their living space, the public is keen to discover new ways of making their home more beautiful or developing new beneficial routines. This opens up many opportunities for lifestyle brands.

A new decorating trend? A restaurant concept? An original sports application? Headerpop can help you in your projects by supporting you in your communication strategies. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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