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Focus on new sustainable packaging

It's time to think about getting rid of single-use plastics. Consumers give value to brands that decide to create or modify their packaging by choosing stylish and sustainable materials.

It is time for lifestyle brands to think about getting rid of single-use plastics and non-recyclable packaging. Indeed, according to a study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research in 2018, 52% of Europeans give priority to brands that decide to create or modify their packaging with materials that combine style and sustainability.

Headerpop researched sustainable packaging solutions to follow.

Create a designer and biodegradable packaging

Here are a few ideas for designing packaging that will value both your brand and your ethical conscience.

  • On the Packhelp.fr website, you can create beautiful packaging with materials such as cardboard and kraft paper, all of which are environmentally friendly. The aim is to preserve the raw aspect of ecological materials with the insertion of graphic elements to promote the identity of the brand.

    Take for example Slopes & Town, a Netherlands brand that sells braided belts, socks and other accessories.They want to limit plastic waste as much as possible, their packaging made on Packhelp is entirely recyclable, perfectly in harmony with their brand image.
emballage de Slopes & Town
Crédit : packhelp.fr
  • Papier ensemencé produces recycled and biodegradable packaging such as boxes, cases, sachets, bags, soap sleeves and custom packaging. All are handcrafted.

    Why do we like it? This box contains seeds, just put it in the ground instead of throwing it away and water a little every day to see pretty aromatic plants grow.
Crédit : papier-ensemence.fr
  • Bamboo is a good alternative to plastic for food packaging and especially for the restaurant industry, which with the increase in take away produces more and more waste. Strong enough to withstand high and low temperatures, it grows as easily as it does quickly and is therefore affordable.

    Thus Evoware, a company located in New Zealand, offers packaging of all sizes in alternative ecological materials such as bamboo but also paper, sugar cane, birch wood (or others to discover on their site).
    Moreover this ecological approach, Evoware adapts to the brand’s demand and personalizes its packaging.

Reusable packaging

Why not transform a packaging into a useful object to prevent it from ending up in the trash? It’s a creative idea that has a double benefit, the packaging is enhanced and your brand too.

  • A very famous object: the Amora mustard glass. It exists since 1934, many of us have already used it, a durable and useful object in everyday life.
Amora Verre TV Moutarde Forte 300 g - Lot de 6: Amazon.fr: Epicerie
Crédit : www.amazon.fr

The Pizza Hut and Dominos brands have played with their pizza boxes several times: design, fun and multi-functional. Sometimes platinum disc, sometimes video projector.

Crédit : www.whim.fr

Returnable packaging

Whether in the food or cosmetics sector, many brands have opted for returnable packaging. When other environmentally friendly packaging options are not suitable, it is a wise choice although it takes longer to manage on a daily basis.

  • Here’s a great initiative with the online supermarket Loop (currently operating in Paris and New York and managed by the American recycling company TerraCycle), the shop offers consumers the opportunity to limit their waste with a very wide range of products with returnable packaging and a system for collecting packaging, cleaning and re-circulation.
Le site e-commerce Loop a débarqué à Lille avec ses emballages ...
Crédit : vozer.fr

And without packaging?

More and more stores are offering cosmetic, food or hygiene product solutions in bulk, so everyone uses their own container and brings it back each time.

  • The famous Lush brand (40% of its products are already sold without packaging) opened a store in Milan on 1 June 2018 where all products are sold without any packaging.
Crédit : livekindly.com

Edible packaging

  • How about we eat our packaging? That’s the bet that Do eat, a company that sells compostable or edible tableware, is making. Their products are made from potatoes and cereals made in Belgium.

Another advantage is that their recipes are patented and you don’t risk anything!
As proof, they have already sold their dishes to large organizations such as Sodexo, Servair or the European Parliament.

Voici les barquettes comestibles, elles sont belges | L'Echo
Crédit: doeat.com

In short, there are many affordable solutions to present products with style and without waste. This subject is of interest to a growing number of brands, especially as the subject of single-use plastics is currently the focus of much controversy.

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