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Google Data Studio: reporting in 2 seconds

Google Data Studio, the newest member of the Google Analytics family, succeeds in combining data analysis with ease of use.

The Headerpop digital team is a big fan! Since the arrival of Google Data Studio at the agency, we’ve turned the page on the long hours of preparing monthly reports, our clients finally have access in real-time to all their data and with the presentation of our choice.

Here are a few ideas to understand why it is the user-friendly tool to use to track your campaigns.

Google Data Studio is the big data “for dummies.”

Google Data Studio is a data exploitation and analysis tool, a great business intelligence dashboard that turns your data into beautiful, easy-to-read reports, and allows you to share and customize those reports. It also allows you to map your digital traffic such as mailings, social networks, google searches, reviews etc… 

The importance of data for businesses continues to grow and Google Data Studio makes it easy to bring together on a single platform all the data that needs to be analysed on a daily basis.

Until very recently, dashboards were either very standardized or very complex to use. The strength of GDS is its great ease of use, its aesthetic dimension and its data matching. By combining its use with a connector like Supermetrics Google Data Studio can collect a lot of information such as statistics from social networks, newsletters, and many others.

GDS and corporate strategy 

The use of tools such as Google Data Studio is essential in a business strategy. In terms of competitive opportunities, understanding your digital campaign data and getting real-time information from it is a key asset.

The more you analyze your data, the more pertinent your results will be to undertake, modify or improve actions. This will enable you to learn more about yourself and others, and to be proactive if your customers’ usage changes.

Google Data Studio is better than other analytics tools because it can explore even more data than others. There is a reason why it is called “Google Analytics on steroids”.

The 10 strong points of Google Data Studio

  • A fluid, clear and intuitive interface. On Google Data Studio, information is displayed in a clear way to make it easier to read and understand.
  • A collaborative tool. Simply send a URL to the desired person’s email address so that this person has access to the reports and can, if he or she wishes, modify or add elements.
  • Advanced report customization. Reports can respect and take into account your graphic charter (logo, colors, etc.).
  • Built-in templates to facilitate the creation of the first reports. It saves time, and allow you to get a basis. You can keep them as they are, modify them, add or remove elements etc.
  • Customizable advanced filters. To gain relevance you have the possibility to put filters on your tables or graphs. Thus, you have more precise information on specific criteria.
  • Real-time data update. Every time you visit Google Data Studio your data is updated instantly, saving you time and making reporting more regular.
  • Multi-page and easily exportable reports for your presentations.
  • No reporting cap. Originally GDS only offered the possibility to make 5 free reports, now the number of reports is unlimited.
  • A free analysis tool. That’s the great thing about this analysis tool, no matter what your budget is, you can benefit from these services for free.

Well-managed digital projects

Do you sometimes have difficulties to see clearly to follow your digital actions and campaigns? Then create a Google Data Studio dashboard! And if you have difficulties to efficiently configure your report, Headerpop puts all its team at your disposal! 🙂

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