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Green : the color of the year

You are not dreaming! It is indeed a color that we will talk about today. Green has always been, and even more so this year, a key color to use in your communication. We explain why!

Green is a color that refers to a multitude of positive meanings such as hope, luck, stability … and of course nature. This year green is everywhere; lifestyle, fabrics, photos, communication, etc.. An invasion of green that expresses a return to nature, a positive vision, a new direction!

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Our new color palette for the agency’s communication oscillates between green and brown. Natural, authentic colors that stick to the agency’s messages. Indeed, lifestyle communication, as the agency sees it, is a communication that focuses on new lifestyles, attentive, caring and sustainable. By slightly changing our colors, we visually express our values and our motivation!

We are not the only ones in this process! On social networks, this trend is emerging. Many influencers are posting more real, more natural, more authentic content!

If you are looking, like Team Headerpop, to visually communicate your values and express your difference in color, we are at your service!


Headerpop observes the new uses from here and elsewhere to propose a trendy, spontaneous and engaging lifestyle communication.

The idea? Define a brand according to its character and enhance its universe with the details that make the difference and inspire the public.
Values, originality, history, community, style, we build together the unique personality of your brand.

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