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Headerpop produces podcasts of addictive fiction!

Headerpop has recently launched into podcast production by creating Spinoza, an addictive fiction studio. But what is the link between podcast fiction and tourism and lifestyle communication? We tell you everything.

Immersive media

The Headerpop team is convinced that the podcast is a captivating medium to be integrated in a lifestyle communication.

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Spinoza Studio produces podcasts that take the listener to live other lives, in total immersion. The studio invents exciting and addictive fictions to listen to.

As a reminder, a podcast is a digital recording, an audio creation, available on the internet in several episodes. The idea is to make audio recordings available offline, to be listened to anywhere, at any time.

There are many types of podcasts, as for the video format, such as documentaries, auto fiction, talk shows, interviews, testimonials etc… Headerpop has chosen to specialize in fiction, because we believe that podcast is an immersive medium, which captures the listener’s attention and develops his imagination. Stakeholder and addictive stories have a promising future on this medium.

Fiction podcast is not an audio book.

Basically, what is the difference between a podcast fiction and an audio book?

What’s the difference between a podcast fiction and an audio book? An audio book is a novel read by a narrator. Since the advent of the internet, the demands are numerous and reading seems, for many, boring. The audio book makes it possible to enjoy the prose of a talented writer without the effort of reading. audio book?

An audio fiction is a story to listen to, with actors, sound effects, atmosphere etc… The format is usually quite short with sequences of 10 to 20 minutes. Most of the time podcast fiction is presented as a series of 10 to 20 episodes. Close to the cinema, the spectator enters in “immersion” in the proposed adventure. When it is well done, a fiction podcast is eagerly listened to!

New media to communicate

In the age of digitalization, brands are present everywhere and it is difficult to be heard. We conceive the podcast as a different, original medium.

The screens are increasingly requiring our concentration and we need to disconnect regularly. Podcasting is relaxing entertainment, especially when it comes to stories with an enriching and positive message. Associating a brand with a podcast is a sure way to reach the audience…differently.

By otherwise we mean an advertising format immersed in history, subliminal and effective. Without interrupting the audience’s experience, the communication message integrates naturally.
For example, a destination, a city, an emblematic place where events would take place and where the characters would meet.

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A life of adventures

We challenged ourselves to create a podcast from A to Z… And now it’s done! Discover our very first series: A life of adventure, available on all listening platforms: Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcast,…

What’s next? We keep going! If you would like to participate in the production of our next podcast, as a sponsor, director, scriptwriter, don’t hesitate to write to us.

about lifestyles

Headerpop observes new uses from here and elsewhere to propose a trendy, spontaneous and engaging lifestyle communication. The idea? To define a brand according to its character, enhance its universe and enrich its seductive power with details that make the difference and inspire the public.

Do you want to enrich your brand by illustrating its lifestyle or to promote a more conscious and responsible approach? Get confy, we take care of everything!

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