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Home working: 6 tips to be efficient

At the moment, many of you are forced to adopt a new routine. Locked Down has forced us to adapt our daily routine to avoid going out of the house as much as possible. This often translates into a shift to home-working.

What is it?

At the moment, many of you are forced to adopt a new routine. Lock-down has forced us to adapt our daily routine to avoid going out of the house as much as possible. From a professional point of view, this often translates into a shift to home working. 

Our tips for home working

Teleworking has many positive points: we no longer waste our time on public transport or on the roads, we save on petrol or transport costs, our schedules are often more flexible, and so on. But from another point of view, there are also several negative aspects. We can quickly feel isolated, lack concentration and/or motivation.

Don’t panic! We give you a few tips on how to stay as efficient as possible when you work from home.

  • Keep a regular rhythm of life, similar to the one you had at the office. You started at 9:00 a.m.? Then keep a similar schedule. This will make it easier for you to contact your colleagues. But also to keep your morale up; living in the sun is always more pleasant and motivating than working at night.
  • Work in a pleasant space. Take the time to tidy up the room where you will now spend your long working days. Preferably choose a room with a window to take advantage of the natural light that returns with the beautiful spring days. Set up a space dedicated to work. Avoid the sofa in front of the TV or, even worse, the bed. In short, avoid places that are conducive to distraction or depressing, which will make you lose your motivation for sure!
  • Keep in touch with your colleagues and your boss to avoid feeling isolated and detached from your work team. Keeping in touch with your professional sphere will keep you motivated and avoid low morale. Arrange a call with your colleagues to talk about work, but not only that. Send an email to your boss to check up on you and tell him about your progress, this will motivate you to work seriously!
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  • Keep getting ready in the morning. It’s tempting to work in pajamas, we’ll admit. But resist the temptation! Take a shower and get dressed in the morning. You’ll be much more fit and ready to start the day.
  • Set goals for yourself. Make a schedule or a to do list. You’ll find it easier to see yourself moving forward. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to look back with pride at all the tasks you’ve completed. 
  • Take breaks! In moderation, of course… Get up from your chair from time to time, exchange a few words with your partner or roommate, get a snack, let loose and dance to your favourite music, etc… 
  • Our tip: Adopt the Pomodoro technique; 25 minutes of work without letting yourself get distracted, followed by a 5-minute break to stretch your legs and mind.

We wish you all good luck. You are now the professionals of teleworking, so let’s get to work 😉 

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