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Hostels, a trendy phenomenon

Hostels are "new generation" youth hostels. Gone are the youth hostels with their depressing dormitories, these hostels compete with the trendiest shops and hotels. A new approach to counter AirBnB and attract the millennials' clientele.

Les hostels, un phénomène en vogue

Fun and trendy places

Travelling is becoming more and more accessible and the trend towards discovery is appealing to many., Hostels are an example. We can now afford holidays for all budgets. What could be better for the atmosphere (and your wallet) than a place where it’s good to live and where you can meet people from all over the world?

There are already many youth hostels, but hostels offer more! They are fun and trendy places that offer their guests activities and services always with the aim of improving comfort and experience. There are self-service kitchens, relaxation areas, bicycles for rent or breakfast to share with other travellers. Often you can enjoy a nightclub or a bar with DJ! The decoration is modern, and everyone can have what they need. Sharing is one of the values put forward in the hostels. Rooms, kitchen and sometimes even cars are shared.

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Hostels, for young people, but not only …

Hostels have already seduced Asians and Americans who now prefer this way of travelling. They appreciate being able to meet people and above all to spend the minimum for accommodation. Sleeping in a hostel costs up to 3 times less than sleeping in a hotel. Whether you are a student, whether you are travelling alone or in pairs, you will be able to stay at a lower cost. Some businessmen even prefer to stay in this kind of accommodation rather than be alone in their hotel room.

Des sites dédiés aux hostels

Platforms such as Generator and hostels.com are totally dedicated to this type of booking. The principle remains the same as for a hotel room reservation but here, you only book your bed.

This could make some hotels want to redevelop their spaces in order to offer a hostel concept and attract a new clientele. This is what this establishment in Les Ménuires and Lyon in France has done: Ho36. Are you interested in this idea? Here is a report on the subject which shows several examples of hostels and allows you to know more!

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