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Illustration for a colourful world

In a world where images increasingly take precedence over words, different ways of communicating have become more important.
There is a strong craze for different forms of illustration.
Here's a preview of some of our favourites, with our modest explanations as a bonus!

Simple shapes, no textures, no volumes, the FLAT DESIGN

You’ve probably heard of flat design, simple illustrations depicted flat. The motto “Less is More” fits well with this type of illustration, it takes its marks in 2013 and continues to be used in web and mobile interfaces. We love the colorful, clean and modern look that characterizes it! Moreover, pictograms are a great way to put this type of illustration into practice, especially in documents where you need to be brief and clear (example: resume, project presentation).

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Illustration of the talented Malika Favre.

When flat design and datavizualisation come together

Even if the name is a bit barbaric, you have surely already been confronted with examples of datavizualisation. These are computer graphics, illustrating data to allow the reader to understand a document in a simple and playful way. This method aims to raise the reader’s awareness so that he retains as much information as possible: people retain 80% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what they read. Most of these infographics tell a story, and a story tells an illustration… Here are a few examples of well thought-out computer graphics:

Computer graphics by Roxane Jannetta

Instagram and the illustration…

Instagram has become a real tool for illustrators. They use it to display their work and to assert their style. Here is a small selection of accounts that inspire us:


New-Yorker, Abbey Lossing puts in image everyday situations, she also denounces with her illustrations some shortcomings of the society, the dynamism and the colors are an integral part of these creations, what we like above all is her originality and the style of her drawings.


Aspirations that lead to travel, simple characters and pastel colors are the style of Quentin Monge! We love his creations and the way he plays with his pen.


A colorful feed, varied content, talking pictures… Owen Davey uses his imagination to design all kinds of illustrations: album covers, magazine articles, personal requests and much more! Anyway, it’s a crush for the artist!


This young motion-designer creates content by different means, illustrations, 3D, photography… Here’s a project he led with @23_chloe, for which we particularly like: the creation of a revisited and very well thought-out alphabet!

To conclude, illustration is a particularly interesting alternative to build a style, a message, an explanation. It’s fun, playful and colourful, just be careful not to fall into children’s illustration or to forget to have a message to convey in your drawing 😉

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