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Immersive experiences: we tell you everything

Today, reaching the public with emotions is central to all marketing strategies, so many emotional communication tools emerge. Immersive experiences are one of them, and as consumers love...we'll tell you about it!

Through virtual, augmented and mixed reality, customers are immersed in an artificial environment. Most of the time, they interact through helmets and motion sensors, they feel physically immersed, thanks to digital technology.
Brands have understood the opportunity that augmented reality represents and tooke advantage of it for different objectives: team building, trade shows, expositions, social networks, sales, publicities.

Successful examples: The North Face and Peugeot

Thanks to virtual reality, The North Face made its customers experience a sled race. Participants could wear a North Face coat, put on helmets, and experience immersion. The videos were then broadcast on social networks and generated more than five million views.

For Peugeot, it was more than one and a half million views on YouTube thanks to their 360° video experience. This movie made the public feel like being in a rally car next to the driver Sebastien Loeb. Some arrows lets you see everything! The brand has broadcast rally tours in its new model 3008 DKR on their social networks.

The immersive experiences in tourism

More and more tourism institutions are choosing immersive experiences to take their participants on a journey through time and space. The objective? To create emotions and the desire to go there…

Thomas Cook, started the “Try Before You Fly” campaign in 2017. The brand offers their customers the opportunity to choose their next destination through VR!

Immersive experiences are useful not only at the “pre-trip” stage, when you have to choose your destination, but also during the trip. Indeed, situated in strategic places (train station, tourist office, airport…), this tool influences tourists in their choices of visits. Touristic and cultural activities also use these technologies to improve their offer, and it works perfectly!

At the Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, for instance, visitors are immersed in a period of French history via headphones and follow a sound circuit. Whispering, characters moving, doors slamming, the sound of dishes… Everything is done to make the visit immersive.

L’Atelier des lumières in Paris offers an “immersive show”: visitors discover the artworks projected on the floor and the walls. The pictures move, and let the visitors enters the artistic universe of the creations.

In Brussels too, museums are offering more and more immersive exhibitions. For example with this exposition on Claude Monet at the Horta gallery.

These technologies represent a real support to the tourism offer, and make it possible to go one step further in the engagement of the targeted public: a tool of expression, a differential advantage, a new service… The digital opportunities are persuasive, and the future will still open possibilities. 

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