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Instagram launches new “Instagram Shopping” functionality

As a result of the development of "Business" accounts in 2016, Instagram is today launching an "Instagram Shopping" feature.

Instagram lance une nouvelle fonctionnalité « Shopping » 

What’s that for?

This functionality allows brands that offer products to tag them in their posts. This will facilitate the purchase process because in one click the consumer will be directly on the product page. Brands will be able to tag up to 5 products per post. The function is represented as a small bag on a clickable button under a photo. When the consumer clicks on it he can access the “buy” function. With this feature brands will be able to create a showcase on their instagram page. Many brands such as Slip Français or Sephora have already adopted it.

How to set up this functionality :

  • Update its Instagram application
  • Synchronize a product catalog with your Facebook store
  • Click on “options” on the company profile and select “products”.
  • Authenticate your Instagram business account via your Facebook account
  • Choose a product catalog and synchronize it with Instagram for Instagram shopping
  • When you post, options will be presented for tagging people and products.
  • Select “tag products” and put the name of the product
  • Move the tag where you want on the picture

For the moment Instagram Shopping is available in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia. The application will continue to expand in other countries throughout 2018.

A development path to explore for our lifestyle customers who already have their own online store, the concept is rewarding and efficient.

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