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Brands that understood everything in Japandi trend

If you don't know Japandi yet, you may already have enjoyed it... without knowing it! More and more present on Pinterest as well as in the stores, this style of decoration is used to penetrate our interiors. We explain the craze for this new trend.

But first… what is the Japandi?

The Japandi trend is a mix of Nordic and Japanese style, which gives birth to a decoration with a soft, minimalist and warm character.

On the one hand, the Scandinavian inspiration ‘hygge’ which aims to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. On the other hand, the Japanese idea of ‘wabi-sabi’ which translates into the search for beauty in the imperfect. We took an interest in this fashionable lifestyle trend in 2021.

Instagram @japandi_design

A rising trend

In recent years, the Japandi trend has been gaining popularity. Today more than ever, the whole world is showing a need for peace and serenity. The home is now a refuge, a place where one needs to feel safe. And the Japandi, by positioning itself as a decoration synonymous with well-being, fully meets this need.

More and more, personal well-being is about feeling good at home… And the brands have understood this. Indeed, they have seized the opportunity of this new trend to satisfy their community, and even expand it!

Headerpop’s favorites

Japandi is spreading more and more and is becoming the leading trend in catalogs such as Zara Home, Urban Outfitters, Maison du Monde etc.

Don’t worry, Headerpop has found its favorites in terms of more original Japandi brands!

  • The subtle selection of works by Maud & Mabel
Instagram @maudandmabellondon
  • The 100% Japandi interior decoration offered by Ferm
Instagram @fermliving
  • Sofie Berg’s ceramics
Instagram @sofiebrg
  • Home accessories from Brüün
Instagram @bruun.uk

The zen furnishings, neutral colors and clean lines have caught the eye of design enthusiasts around the world. As a result, major retailers are already venturing into this it…

We then have the opportunity to lean towards less known creators who have even more breathtaking pieces in store for us and who will wonderfully arrange our interiors in the Japandi style. Indeed, even if we adopt this minimalist trend, we might as well fall for a noble and hyper creative piece rather than a mass produced product made with less qualitative materials and already present in the neighbor’s living room!

In any case, the Headerpop team is unanimous: privilege quality over quantity and originality over banality!

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