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Kind Tourism, can we talk about it?

Tourism is reinventing itself in line with trends, and the major current trend is clearly a more "respectful" approach that carries new ethical and responsible values.

The figures speak for themselves: 87% of international travellers say they want to travel with a limited impact on the environment (study carried out by Booking). Travellers still want to have an “experience” as long as they travel with “sense”.

Along these lines, a new term has recently appeared in a communication campaign: “Kind tourism”. This notion challenged us and we tried to find out more…  

Kind Tourism in three quotes

At the crossroads of eco-responsible, cultural and slow tourism, this is benevolent tourism. 

Be kind with the environment, residents and visitors. 

This idea was presented by Lionel Flasseur, general manager of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes tourism, on the occasion of an emotional campaign developed for the destination

“Our ability to slow down”

Not only do travelers need to take a break to rest, but beyond that, they have a real need to slow down. They want to get away from their daily rhythm of life in order to find themselves but also to enjoy what surrounds them. 


“Respect for the living, for the rhythm of the seasons.”

Travel yes, but more at the expense of our planet. Tourists will increasingly prefer less polluting means of transport, nearby destinations or eco-responsible accommodation and alternatives in the home. The transition to a more conscious lifestyle also involves the choice of holidays.


“Listen, share and be nourished by our respective cultures.”

This dimension refers to cultural tourism, taking an interest not only in the heritage of the place, but also in its inhabitants and culture. The opposite of “lazy” tourism by the hotel swimming pool.


Inventing a promising tourism positioning

The Auvergne Rhone-Alpes campaign cleverly takes up the 3 main trends of current tourism, slow tourism, eco-responsible tourism, cultural tourism, to make it a complete concept via a new name of “Kind tourism”.

A very interesting communication strategy for a tourist destination. Inventing a new term that fits the demand of the moment is an effective way to get noticed. 

Discover the complete video of the launch of the “Kind Tourism” campaign.

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