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Lifestyle and seaside

For more and more holidaymakers, we no longer go to the seaside to sunbathe all day long, but to find the meaning of life and live in harmony with nature. Board sports, water activities, holidays by the sea, it is above all a lifestyle!

The 3 essentials of the surf spirit and seaside

They share

Kite surfers, for example, help each other, give each other advice, and progress together, they do not necessarily know each other but they are part of the same community. They practice the same sport and above all they adhere to the same values.

They are free and close to the nature

Surfers and other sliding sports are close to nature, they are sensitive to minimalist environments that allow nature to express itself. These tourists refuse the bling bling, they appreciate the places a little cool where everyone talks to each other. They prefer wood and natural materials and open spaces, hotels and restaurants must take that into consideration for their decoration.

They like to party

They like to meet and talk about their passions over a drink. They are good lively sportsmen, they like aperitif evenings, brunch or organic tapas. They do not say no to a little tradition and appreciate good local products. They meet each other in selected places, in the spirit of their community, with style and a good atmosphere.

Seasides that this target loves

Hossegor, France


Biarritz, France


Cocoa Beach, Florida

cocoa beach

Salsa Brava, Costa Rica

pierto viejo salsa brava


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