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Lifestyle communication to value a brand

Headerpop has specialised, in the course of its projects, in the field of lifestyle.
As our missions have progressed, we have thus identified the essential elements to create the envy of the public and motivate them to adopt the lifestyle offered by a brand.

But by the way… what is a lifestyle brand?

The translation of the word “lifestyle” in French is simply “style de vie”, the way we live, our way of life. It includes the way we think according to certain values, the way we consume, entertain ourselves or dress.

Lifestyle defines who we are, what inspires us and what meaning we want to give to our lives.

What does that have to do with the marks? It is based on a rather old observation: classic publicities aren’t making people react any more.
In order to sell, you have to create a buzz, stand out and highlight your originality. To have an impact, advertisements must be innovative. Some brands have therefore opted for “lifestyle marketing”.

The unavoidable example of Apple

Apple was one of the first brands to put forward a “lifestyle” and thus to use the codes of lifestyle marketing.

Their first ads did not show any characteristics of the computer such as its power, storage space etc.. Apple wanted to seduce people. To do this, they reached people who wanted to feel different, rebellious, by creating the idea that if you bought a Macintosh, you were participating in something big. The publicity that introduced the Macintosh didn’t actually show the product at all. Yet that didn’t stop Apple from selling $155 million worth of Macintosh in the three months following the release of that famous Super Bowl ad.

Since then, Apple has continued to communicate using a lifestyle marketing approach and has succeeded in creating a true community around its products. This explains the queues that flock to the doors of the Apple Store every time a new iPhone is released.

Creating a “seductive aura”

Lifestyle brands must build a “seductive aura” to motivate the public to adhere to their style by making their products and services their own. A lifestyle brand must convince that by associating with it, the consumer gets closer to the lifestyle of his dreams.

For example, if you buy Nike branded equipment, you’ll feel like you belong to this athletic community. In addition to feeling like you belong to the Nike lifestyle, the brand also motivates you to really take the initiative to live that lifestyle. Choosing a brand also allows consumers to publicly demonstrate their lifestyle.

The following characteristics are often found in lifestyle brands:

  • They’re not trying to sell to everyone, but rather to build a niche audience, which they know well,
  • They have developed a dedicated community,
  • They have established an emotional connection with their audience,
  • They inspire their public to live a better or more exciting life. For this reason, they have cultivated the trust and respect of their target audience,
  • Their marketing content is more focused on their community than on their products.

Why should you set up a lifestyle communication?

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The success of brands such as Apple, Nike, Red Bull and Harley Davidson show that lifestyle marketing strategies are effective.

This effectiveness is due to the fact that successful brands in this approach have first of all done a considerable amount of work to understand their target customers, what their values are, what they want to achieve in life and who they want to become. They understand what drives and inspires them in life and then use this information to develop marketing campaigns that reach customers on an emotional level.

Here are the reasons why a lifestyle marketing approach could be a good idea for your communication:

  • This will bring you in line with your customers’ values.
  • This creates a community around your business.
  • A lifestyle communication will allow you to develop the loyalty of your customers.

At Headerpop, we always try to understand the context of your brand as well as identify your target audience in order to offer them communication that makes sense to them. We bring your lifestyle to the forefront!

your lifestyles

Headerpop observes new uses from here and elsewhere to propose a trendy, spontaneous and engaging lifestyle communication. The idea? To define a brand according to its character, enhance its universe and enrich its seductive power with details that make the difference and inspire the public.

Do you want to enrich your brand by illustrating its lifestyle or to promote a more conscious and responsible approach? Get comfy, we take care of everything!

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