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Lifestyle post lockdown: the evolutions

We all lacked social contact during the period of locked-down. Fortunately for us, new uses saved us from isolation. Here are some of these new trends that we think have an interesting potential to influence our post-locked-down lifestyle.

Lifestyle post confinement

Social ties: a strong value

Some people will say that to be healthy, it is important to eat well and be active, whereas in reality, social contact is even more important to take care of oneself. And lockdown has confirmed this more than ever.

We can therefore see that the post lockdown lifestyle will place the most common and daily human relations at the top of the scale of values, since they have become so rare and sorely missed.

The post-lockdown is the time to create other, more supportive relationships, to live one’s relationship with others in a different way.

Amitié post confinement

Technologies vs real contacts

Have drinks with friends, but stay home. This new trend, humorously called the “coronapéro”, makes it possible to live a relationship of friendship at a distance. We stick together (virtually of course), we share moments of laughter (sometimes a little offbeat) and we tell each other about our lives.

The REAL question is whether all these new virtual friendship habits will continue in the coming months. Are we going to privilege online aperitifs, or Facetime conversations to save time?

The same question arises for the world of work and the change that telework has brought about in the way we do business. 

Why move if the value of a virtual meeting is equal to that of a real one? The “real” meeting would become exceptional, it is already the case of e-commerce which is gradually replacing face-to-face trade. Unless it offers an experience to live.

We already mentioned this in the article on What are the new trends for businesses?. In order to seduce the public, shops must be able to offer a strategy that highlights the human element, an experience, an enriching contact, a personality, a proximity.

rencontre post confinement

Culture within reach of the sofa

With Netflix Party, you can watch Netflix movies and series with the virtual company of your loved ones. Many other innovations, from confinement, offer culture and entertainment at home, so you can watch a show, visit a museum, attend a live concert, and all from a distance. We’ve listed our favorites in an article about this.

Until recently, culture was a motivation to “go out”, and discover works, artists with other people who came for the same reasons. With containment, culture has become democratized by becoming free and accessible to all.

Will cultural institutions still broadcast their messages from a distance, music without concerts, cinema without cinemas or works without museums, all through the interface of a screen? The aim of this new approach is twofold: to reach a wider audience and to interest them in discovering these cultural activities “for real”.

The lifestyle media have broadcast many ideas to stay positive during the confinement and to challenge oneself on a daily basis: taking a successful yoga break, cooking a homemade cake, starting to draw, finishing a book,… 

This positive mood and the simple routines that boost everyday life continue to inspire brands and lifestyle players in their communication and offerings.

Positive inspiration, more than ever, compensates for a conflicting atmosphere where everyone’s interests conflict. It is the common denominator that makes it possible to unite around a message.

optimisme post confinement

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