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LinkedIn ads for a new B to B visibility

LinkedIn is an online professional social network created in 2002 that currently has over 750 million members, including 20 million in France. As a brand, knowing how to communicate on this platform is a real asset for reaching professionals and developing a B-to-B activity.

LinkedIn: the essential professional platform

LinkedIn is a very interesting social network for B-to-B relationships as most business owners use it. Thus, beyond the promotion of a professional profile or the recruitment of employees, the platform offers more and more functionalities to companies that wish to reach other companies.

For example, the features of company pages have recently evolved to offer a real showcase for companies that invest time in creating the page and sharing content. Similarly, the possibility of inviting one’s entire network to one’s company page is also a driving force for creating a B-to-B synergy around one’s brand. Finally, the valuation of post authors is another way of encouraging the creation of quality content on the platform, as the professional public comes to the platform to seek ideas, inspiration and opinions.

All these features are free of charge or are offered by the platform’s premium subscription. However, it is also possible to invest in advertising on the network. Who can benefit from this offer?

3 tips for a successful marketing campaign on Linkedin

To create and manage a marketing campaign on LinkedIn, you will need to use the Campaign Manager platform. This advertising platform will allow you, thanks to its various functionalities, to facilitate the creation and management of your marketing initiatives.

Advertising campaigns on LinkedIn are prepared in 4 steps. Here are some tips for running your campaigns.

1. Choose your objective according to your campaign

Before you start creating your marketing campaign, it’s important to define your goals. Here are the three main goals you can achieve with LinkedIn ads:

  • Acquire more notoriety: make your activity known to as many people as possible;
  • Get users’ consideration: make users discover your website and your different web pages but also encourage engagement;
  • Convert visitors into leads, customers or candidates: generate leads and prospects but also attract potential candidates.

2. Determine a hyper-targeted audience

You can then select the targeting criteria according to the audience you wish to reach. There are more than 20 audience attributes proposed by LinkedIn such as skills, position(s) held, hierarchical level … There is also the name of the company, its size, school(s) attended, interests … in short, very precise segmentation categories so as to obtain a very targeted audience.

3. Determine the best advertising format for your needs

On Campaign Manager, you can choose between different types of advertising formats:

  • Sponsored Content: to create photo or video ads that will be displayed on the news feed of LinkedIn members. To be chosen for a classic display ad.
  • Message Ads: This feature allows you to send personalised messages directly to your targets’ LinkedIn messaging systems. The main advantage of this feature is the high response rate. A good choice for organising your prospecting and speeding up contact.
  • Dynamic Ads: Dynamics Ads are dynamic ads that you can personalise according to the data of the LinkedIn profiles that interest you. They can contain the profile picture of the person you are targeting, their name, the logo of the company they work for, etc. The aim is to get them to click on your ad. There are four types of Dynamic Ads:
  1. Follower Ads: increase engagement on the company page.
  2. Spotlight Ads: deliver a personalised message and get them to click on your ad which will then take them to another web page.
  3. Jobs Abs: attracting candidates to your job vacancies
  4. Content Ads: when LinkedIn users download your content, you can get in touch with them.
  • Text Ads: Text ads are ads located at the top right of the news feed on LinkedIn. They are therefore less visible than other LinkedIn ads. However, they are much simpler to create as they are simply composed of a short text and a small image.

A high advertising budget compared to other agencies

As with other social network advertising networks, people pay to advertise on LinkedIn.

Budgets depend mainly on two elements:

  • Ad auctions: When LinkedIn ads are sold in ad auctions, you are competing with other advertisers who want to reach the same audience as you.
  • The types of goals you want to achieve: Show your ad as much as possible (CPM), get clicks on the link to your website (CPC), read your post (CPS).

LinkedIn Ads are generally more expensive than ads on other social networks. Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, the daily budget for LinkedIn Ads is at least 10 euros, about double that of other social networks. On the other hand, bids on LinkedIn cost about three to five times more than on other social networks.

So targeting is essential to avoid unnecessary investment in the B-to-B platform. You have to test approaches, then eliminate and refine others that are more convincing.

Communicating on LinkedIn: is it really relevant?

It all depends on the audience you want to reach! LinkedIn is ideal if you want to reach professional audiences. Thanks to its personalisation tools, you can reach an extremely precise and narrow audience, which makes the ads work much better.

However, LinkedIn Ads also have some disadvantages. In addition to being generally more expensive than ads on other networks, LinkedIn has a smaller audience than a social network like Facebook. For example, if your company is in the e-commerce business and simply wants to attract customers to its website, it is better to choose Facebook Ads. Therefore, for B2B relationships, LinkedIn is more appropriate but for B2C relationships, Facebook is better.

The cost of acquisition via LinkedIn Ads is expensive. It has been calculated for an audience of professionals who are used to spending a certain amount of money to reach recurring customers and large volumes of business. This compares to the cost of a trade show for example.

In summary, advertising on LinkedIn can be very effective for companies that want to reach key accounts and repeat customers. This network can increase brand visibility but also gain credibility. Headerpop can help you create and manage your social media advertising. For more information, please contact us.


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