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MAPSTR: The French application to follow closely

Did you dream of being able to easily remember your favourite addresses in one place and share them with your friends with a single click? Mapstr has done it. We warn you, this French application is likely to become an indispensable tool for destination marketing. We explain everything.

Let’s face it, between the countless business cards lost at the bottom of our purse, the multitude of restaurant names buried in our iPhone notes or the name of that art gallery that’s been eluding us for the past two weeks, we almost never remember which addresses to try or re-try. Fortunately, we’ve found a little gem: Mapstr, a free application that allows its users to create a personalised map of their favourite places and share it with other users.

With already 1.5 million active users worldwide, this French app released in 2015 has everything it takes to become the new ally of the traveller looking for ideas and inspiration.

The Headerpop team was interested in Mapstr as a new means of tourism communication. Indeed, is this application a new opportunity for tourism actors?

How Mapstr works: personalised and social

The principle is simple. Each user has their own map that can be completed ad infinitum according to their desires. Each registered address has a fully customisable tag and a personal comment. And a little extra: the application sends you a notification when you pass a registered address.

In addition to centralising all the places to see or review, Mapstr also allows you to access the personalised map of your friends or favourite influencers. Even the media are getting in on the act: after New York, London and Milan, Vogue Paris has created a map of the trendiest Parisian spots to see and be seen. Mapstr really wants to encourage people to spend less time on their phones and more time exploring the real world.

A new visibility for tourism and lifestyle

The aim of the application is to allow its users to discover new addresses and not to forget those they should try or try again. If today the application is mostly popular for not forgetting the restaurants that are recommended to us, it allows to save all kinds of places: photo spots, museums, art galleries or even viewpoints.

The application also works with the Gallimard publishing house in the digitisation of paper guidebooks by gathering all the places to see in the major tourist destinations on Mapstr maps.

Communication that speaks directly to the potential visitor

And this is surely the most innovative aspect of the application. Mapstr wants to take a whole new direction by making influencer marketing in tourism its new spearhead.

In particular, the application has collaborated with the Regional Tourism Committee of Brittany in creating a map of the most beautiful Breton addresses. With more than 500 registered addresses and 1.5 million views, this map is a real success. As Arnaud Verdier, Mapstr’s director of partnerships, explains, this collaboration is not a one-shot deal for the application: “We are working with Brittany on a plan for 2021. During the course of this year, we have also offered to support tourist offices from start to finish in the creation of their Mapstr map. A godsend if you work in destination marketing.

A laboratory for new tourism uses

Last June, Mapstr also partnered with Facebook to create a solidarity tourism map with the hashtag #EnsembleEnFrance (“together in France”). Mapstr is increasingly relying on this type of partnership to increase its visibility and test new uses: the start-up thus joined forces with the Paris City Hall to offer a map of the various sites of the Nuit Blanche, an artistic event offering a nocturnal rediscovery of the French capital’s prestigious sites as well as new performances.

Thus it is always possible for a destination to contact the application to set up a specific campaign, punctual or adapted to the needs of the territory.

How do you get started on Mapstr?

If you work in the tourism sector, it can be interesting to create a Mapstr map. The team has put together a few tips on how to get the most out of your campaign.

  • Gather all the addresses of restaurants, museums, monuments or unmissable spots in the destination you want to promote on Mapstr.
  • For each place, think of words that characterize them to create tags that will allow users to find your addresses. For example, if you want to talk about an Indian restaurant offering many vegetarian alternatives, your tags could be: #Indian and #vegetarian. The application automatically offers you a list of pre-saved tags that you can decide to use or not.
  • Add a comment about the place to describe what it is. For a monument, it can be interesting to explain its history quickly for example.
  • Repeat this process for as many addresses as possible: the more your map is provided, the more attractive it will be for your users!

If you wish to adopt an original and attractive communication strategy to promote your tourism or lifestyle brand, do not hesitate to contact the Headerpop team, which will guide you to propose the offer best suited to your needs and expectations.


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