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Minimalism: less to be happy

This year, spring has started in a strange way. Stuck at home, many of them emptied and tidied their cupboards. So they looked for a new motivation, inspired by the movement called "minimalism".

The lifestyle trend of minimalism is a great source of inspiration for those who wants to find a harmonious balance without superfluity. We have been interested in this “minimalist” movement, and the search for simplicity in everyday life, because it is gradually becoming a new lifestyle to follow.

Documentaries and books that preach minimalism

Documentaries not to be missed: 

Minimalism: a documentary about the important  things” (available on Netflix).

This documentary sheds light on the minimalist way of life, which consists in getting rid of the superfluous material things of our daily life, to own only those things that are essential or that make us happy. It questions our relationship to consumption and our belief in material wealth. A must see before you start your big clean-up, to get you on the right track!

Obviously, the bible of tidying up: “The art of tidying up with Marie Kondo“, which explains how to get rid of the superfluous to find inner serenity. The series of several episodes is available on Netflix.

Some readings : 
Dominique Loreau’s writings are a must in the art of minimalism. We recommend his best known work “The Art of Simplicity”. But also “L’Art de l’essentiel” (The Art of the Essential) for which we have a real crush. 


New blog, Living With Less: Simplicity in everyday life is a must to start in minimalism. The author’s experience tells us how she turned to minimalism, the steps she took, and how it changed her way of living and seeing things.

The psychological contribution of minimalism

First of all, tidying up keeps the mind busy in a positive way and takes your mind off things. It’s a useful way to spend excess energy. 

The second advantage of this positive approach is that disorder has a negative effect on morale and feeds our anxieties, whereas a good tidiness calms them down and brings a feeling of satisfaction.

Spring cleaning, a good habit that has been around for a long time, is a good way to get back on track after the long winter period. 

Minimalism is good for the environment

When you get rid of all unnecessary and cumbersome things, you realize how important it is not to become too cumbersome in the future. So true minimalists drastically limit their consumption and purchases.

Adopting a minimalist style doesn’t mean throwing everything in the trash. There are many associations to give away unnecessary objects and thus take advantage of the minimalist approach to make a gesture of solidarity.

In Belgium: Oxfam, Les Petits Riens, Croix Rouge, etc.
In France: le Secours Populaire, Emmaus, etc.

Brands and minimalist lifestyle

To become minimalist is to refocus on the essential. You find what is really important. Happiness often lies in simplicity, detaching oneself from the superfluous helps to achieve it more easily. 

Here are a few ideas from brands that have made this minimalist approach their leitmotif.

Clothing rental: the minimalist concept to follow

Jukebox offers ethical & trendy clothing rental, the best way to renew your wardrobe regularly without cluttering up your cupboards. Pure minimalism!


Minimalist fashion

To adopt a minimalist style you need: quality materials that last a long time, timeless cuts that go everywhere.

Minimalist fashion brands limit their ranges and give priority to products of excellent quality.


Minimalism for a sophisticated and lifestyle communication

Therefore, the public is changing and now expects to be offered solutions to limit consumption while enjoying themselves and keeping a trendy style.  Minimalism has a bright future ahead of it!


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