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Découvrez les projets récents de l'agence, nous accompagnons avec enthousiasme les acteurs et sociétés des domaines du tourisme, art et lifestyle (déco, design, loisirs et bien-être).

Territorial marketing and community of inhabitants

Mon Ardenne is the community of the region's inhabitants, each one sharing his or her experience or journey in the Ardennes and receiving good tips from other members. This project, carried out for the Ardenne brand, aims to promote this beautiful, natural, lively and attractive region through the eyes of its inhabitants.

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Seed is the first Belgian optician where everything is eco-responsible, from the production of the glasses to the design of the store. Located in the heart of Brussels, it is the only totally ethical and sustainable alternative to traditional opticians in Belgium.

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W83 local test shop (initiated by Entreprendre XXL) is a commercial pop-up project whose aim is to promote economic development in Ixelles by supporting business projects that are part of a sustainable development and circular economy approach.

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Headerpop observes the new uses from here and elsewhere to propose a trendy, spontaneous and engaging lifestyle communication.

The idea? Define a brand according to its character and enhance its universe with the details that make the difference and inspire the public.
Values, originality, history, community, style, we build together the unique personality of your brand.

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