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Pinterest, an algorithm to inspire a wide audience

Pinterest is not a network like any other! It's a search engine, an inspiration and sharing tool, and the preferred network for creatives and trend seekers. The Headerpop team helps you understand its algorithm to reach a new audience.

Pinterest is a platform for sharing images and inspiration that is very popular with creative people looking for inspiration. On this network, trends are made and broken. Even if the impact of a presence on Pinterest is less, for the moment, than on Facebook and Instagram, we still recommend using it to support a branding, an innovative offer or an international communication.

In one of our articles, the team had already explained the algorithm of Instagram. Today, we reveal the secrets of the Pinterest algorithm, to improve your visibility on this network.

Pinterest: A social network that is not a social network!

Pinterest est un site qui sort des sentiers battus. Il est en même temps un réseau social, un moteur de Pinterest is a site that is off the beaten track. It is a social network, a search engine and a photo sharing medium all in one. It is a place of inspiration with infographics, photos and videos.

The site works in the form of pins and boards. This means that users can pin (save) posts to their profile to easily find them. Each month, the network has nearly 400 million active users with more than 200 billion pins saved. This makes it a real visibility opportunity for a brand or a destination. 


The Pinterest user wants to have a good time and above all to be inspired for future projects. Therefore, your posts should bring positivity and ideas to encourage the consumer to find out more on your profile or directly on your website. 

You don’t need to be known to be seen: that’s the special thing about Pinterest. You just have to respect the algorithm to appear in the results.

Understanding this algorithm

Pinterest’s algorithm will define what the user will see when they log into Pinterest. The algorithm is based on :

  • The search bar: This feature allows the user to search for specific pins using keywords and hashtags. In addition, the algorithm will also rely on the user’s activity and recent searches to show them specifically tailored and personalised content.

That’s why it’s important to determine the keywords that will best identify your pins to your audience. Don’t hesitate to put yourself in the users’ shoes.

  • Subscription feed: The tab sorts the posts of the profiles followed by the user in the order of most recent publication. 

In other words, you need to post regularly to ensure and assert your presence on this network. The best frequency of publication is 3 to 10 pins per day! 

  • Smart Feed: The homepage contains the pins of accounts that the user follows, as well as suggestions for content that they might like. Finally, there are sponsored boards and pins. 

This feed is automatically generated by the algorithm. It does this based on activity, saves, clicks and searches. This is called user preferences.

Your goal is to create content that matches the user preferences of your target audience.  In this way, the algorithm favours your pins with the relevant users.


Our tips for building a Pinterest audience

As you have seen, the algorithm allows you to trend in a natural way and to be visible to your target. Here is a short list of good advice to adopt:

Using the right keywords

This means the words that define your project. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask yourself “What terms will the user type in to find me?  This will help optimise your search engine optimisation. If you post about a hotel in the south of France, the keywords might be France, sea, travel, The South, summer, heat, hotel France, holidays…

In short: the most obvious words for your offer.

A good description

This is important because it allows for better referencing. It is advised not to exceed 500 characters. Indeed, if your description appears in the Smart Feed, only 30 to 60 characters will be visible: so focus on the beginning. This description should contain keywords, the details of the article, your brand name and the type of action you want to take (for example: “click to discover our articles”). Don’t bother with hashtags! They won’t help you get better SEO either.

The quality

Pinterest emphasises quality. This is defined by the website links in the post and by the popularity of the pins: the more it is registered, the better it is for Pinterest. 

Visual content

  • Updating them will give a new signal to your old publications and thus bypass the algorithm.
  • Varying your content will show Pinterest that you are active. You can post videos, infographics, photos and visuals. All this while paying attention to aesthetics because that’s the name of the game on Pinterest, obviously!

The pace of publication

Finally, create content on a regular basis, at least 3 pins per day. This will engage your community to follow you. The best days to post are Saturdays and Sundays between 8pm and 11pm or even 2am. Avoid office hours at all costs.

Do not hesitate to contact the Headerpop team for more information!


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