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Podcast: a promising media

For more than two years, podcasting has become a real trend in digital communication. Constantly on the rise, brands are using it more and more and users love this type of content. That's why, today, Headerpop decided to analyze the podcast for you.

What is the podcast?

A podcast is an audio file broadcast digitally. It can be downloaded or listened to freely on popular platforms such as Spotify, as well as on specialized platforms. The advantage of the podcast is its nomadic format, which allows you to listen to it on the go. In the subway, while cleaning up or on the couch after a long day at work, podcasting is a simple and effective way to combine relaxation, culture and entertainment.

Why make a podcast for your brand?

The podcast amuses or interests depending on its content. Brands thus have access to a new way to convey messages to the public with originality. Here are the 4 main advantages of podcast communication.

  • The podcast allows you to reach a new target. This medium is highly appreciated by young people, since 60% of listeners in France are under 35 years old. The native digital generation sees the podcast as a digital way to cultivate themselves while disconnecting.
  • It has the power to captivate and retain the listener. Storytelling captures attention and warm voices give authenticity to the message. The audience feels like developing personal interactions with the brand.
  • The podcast brings credibility. If you take the risk of exposing your ideas or skills with an audio format, it means you have a complete mastery of your subject. The people who listen to you will have confidence in you and will be interested in your product or service offerings.
  • It allows you to stand out from your competitors. Still little solicited by brands, it can be the means to adopt a unique approach.While standard tools such as newsletters or blog posts are difficult for the mind, podcasting offers a lighter approach. With a podcast, you seize the opportunity to be at the forefront of the trend.

How to gain visibility thanks to the podcast?

Adding the podcast to your communication tools allows you to quickly and easily gain notoriety. By being one of the first to use it and by giving value to what you say, you will build loyalty with your audience. They will then talk about your brand around them, which will increase your visibility.

In addition, since 2018 Google wants to give a more important place to podcasts in search results. Thus, the search engine takes into account the titles and descriptions of podcasts in its algorithm and it detects the words of an audio recording to then better position it. In other words, if you decide to go into podcasting, your natural referencing will benefit.

Involving public figures in your podcasts is also a great possibility. Thus, if their community is far away from your core target, you will be able to reach a new audience and increase your visibility.

Zoom in Belgium

For the moment in Belgium, the podcast market is not very competitive. The current national audience is about 25% of the population, and is constantly growing year after year.

It is only in 2017 that the first investments for the podcast appear, thanks to the RTBF and its series of podcasts “C’est Tout Meuf”. Since that time, podcasting has positioned as a real opportunity and some podcast creation studios have started to emerge.

To continue in this dynamic, in February 2020 Atelier 210 in Brussels organized the first edition of the Brussels Podcast Festival. This edition was a real success, which motivated the organizers to reschedule it in February 2021 despite the pandemic.

Zoom in France

In France, the podcast market is more important, it has existed for more than fifteen years with the excellent podcasts of Arte Radio in particular, but it is only in the last two years that it has been a real success. According to Médiamétrie, podcast listening in France is up 9% in 2020. Thus, in order to meet demand, the offer is improving and is increasingly qualitative.

As in Belgium, the French podcast is entitled to its event. The Paris Podcast Festival is the first festival dedicated to native French and French-speaking podcasts. This event has been a real success the two previous years. During four days, it was an opportunity for podcast fans to meet professionals, to participate in previews, to attend live recordings or to attend conferences on various topics around the podcast.

To summarize…

The podcast is the new trend format in vogue in 2021. It is growing and, for a brand, it represents a real opportunity to be seized.

The podcast is:

  • Original and will set you apart from your competitors;
  • Simple and nomadic to listen to in all circumstances;
  • Effective to increase your notoriety.

At Headerpop, we have at heart to implement this new format in the marketing strategies of lifestyle and tourism brands. We are convinced that it is the medium to use to reach new audiences. So, if you wish to be accompanied by a team of professionals, do not hesitate to contact us!

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