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Hapchot is an artisanal brewery in the south-west of France, in Hossegor. The brewery is located in the heart of nature, the brand draws its strength from its authenticity and the West Coast lifestyle that it expresses in all its communication.

Hapchot Beer


The Ogeu Group, owner of the brand, manages the Hapchot artisanal beer communication.

Headerpop designed the branding of the new winter beer Hapchot and accompanied the brand digital communication.

Homemade beer poster


Headerpop imagined a video to convey the spirit of this beer from the Landes on social networks and with distributors or also on the occasion of sportive events sponsored by the brand.

The video lets the public discover the world of the artisanal brewery and make it want to know more, visit the place, and taste this beer that offers a French West Coast lifestyle.

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