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Boxbunny is a healthy lunchbox delivery service with child-friendly recipes.

The Headerpop team is responsible for BoxBunny’s community management to develop the project’s visibility on social networks.

Writing messages, creating visuals and enlarging the community are the main actions that will be carried out on Facebook and Instagram.

The goal is to make this project known to the target group, i.e. parents of young children and schools. By creating a link between the brand and the public, BoxBunny will be able to build awareness and trust for the future.

The type of content offered on social networks is varied: information about available boxes, cooking recipes, highlighting the strengths of the concept, subscriber testimonials and nutritional advice for children.

The team is also responsible for the creation of a newsletter template in the image of the brand, which can be adapted to the content to be inserted. The goal is to motivate the future consumers of the product, build customer loyalty and ultimately present the new products.

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