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Kanal Store a 160m2 ephemeral concept store located in the heart of Brussels, inside the Kanal Museum - Centre Pompidou. It is a place entirely dedicated to Belgian creation. The museum is currently under construction for two years, so the Kanal Store is closed since 30 June 2019.

Kanal Store


hub.brussels has chosen Headerpop to support the Kanal Store project’s brand notoriety strategy throughout its opening period. The objective was to promote a short-lived project with strong values: culture, proximity, fashion, trends.


The Headerpop presse relations team worked on press relations and organized a press and influencers event on the themes of slow fashion and local purchasing. The event took place one month before the Christmas holidays, which helped to make this lifestyle awareness action a success.

As part of this mission, Headerpop also produced a press kit to explain the concept of Kanal Store and present the different designers.

Kanal store presse kit


The Kanal Store WordPress website has been redesigned to better showcase the designers and the diversity of products offered to visitors. An editorial and graphic redesign have been carried out to support the current brand awareness strategy.


Throughout the opening time of the Kanal Store, Headerpop was in charge of the social network animation: content creation (photos, videos), interviews of the creators, story telling, animation of the communities around the flagship themes of the store. Partnerships with the museum and restaurants at the Kanal Centre Pompidou.

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