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Merveyl has been supplying hotel products to many establishments since 1993. Recently, the brand launched a new line of bio-based hotel products. I'm green™ slippers and flip-flops made from sugarcane in an environmentally friendly way. Headerpop was responsible for supporting the launch of this eco-friendly innovation!

Since 2017, Headerpop has accompanied the communication of Merveyl, the Belgian specialist in hotel accessories. In 2021 our team has imagined the launch of the Merveyl I’m green™, a new range of biosourced and eco-friendly hotel slippers.

The objective is to transmit the strong and noble values carried by this new eco collection, and to highlight the quality of the products and the service offered by Merveyl to its target. To achieve this, our team has created a brand new visual universe in line with the elegant graphic charter already established for Merveyl.

Missions realized by Headerpop

Each action is part of a global communication strategy, tailor-made to highlight the key points and assets of the new collection. Our objective is to build a strategy that allows us to reach the target and transmit the intrinsic values of the brand.

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