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Kokotte is a pop-up restaurant that welcomes new culinary projects every 4 months. It is a Horeca incubator created by hub.brussels that helps Brussels restaurateurs to launch their own restaurant. In order to make people discover this concept and to increase its notoriety, we organized an exclusive evening with influencers specialized in the gastronomy field.

In collaboration with our client Kokotte, we imagined and set up the organization of an influencer event in order to grow the pop-up restaurant’s notoriety. With this in mind, our strategy was to invite to an exclusive party influencers specialized in food discovering. Because of their communities on social media, we reach many people that are looking for new restaurants or food concepts to discover in Brussels.

The objective of the night was to present the concept that Kokotte proposes: a pop-up restaurant welcoming new culinary projects every 4 months. The ideal place to have a great meal while regularly discovering new cooking talents. That is why we decided to invite food influencers to this exclusive party. They had the opportunity to find out more about 3 concepts collaborating with Kokotte. They were able to learn more about an old concept and hear the testimony of their past adventure. But also the concept currently installed and the live experience of its two creators. And finally, the next concept that will be installed from January at Kokotte and the expectations of these future candidates. Three very different (but all three delicious) culinary concepts. And three very interesting points of view to better understand the Horeca incubator that is Kokotte.

The team’s missions

Headerpop accompanied Kokotte before, during and after the event. This action allowed the pop-up restaurant to increase its notoriety on social networks. And therefore potentially bring new customers to the restaurant!

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