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Headerpop has set up its own podcast studio. The Spinoza Studio produces lifestyle-audio's with which trends or live-adventures can be discovered in total immersion.


Headerpop has created the podcast studio Spinoza to share messages, inspirations and emotions through audio fictions or documentaries.

Podcasts studio creation

We are passionate about this new medium. We believe that podcasting is nowadays the easiest way to discover, escape and travel in a few seconds, in transport, during a break, or in the morning while getting ready.

When making Spinoza podcasts, every details count. For a perfect realism and immersion, the Headerpop team partners with the Score Brussels team, led by Julie Basecqz, for the selection and direction of the actors and the editing of the fiction podcasts.

L’équipe Headerpop apporte sa créativité et son imagination débordante aux productions du Studio de Podcast Spinoza.

Podcasts creation
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Headerpop observes the new uses from here and elsewhere to propose a trendy, spontaneous and engaging lifestyle communication.

The idea? Define a brand according to its character and enhance its universe with the details that make the difference and inspire the public.
Values, originality, history, community, style, we build together the unique personality of your brand.

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