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Atout France, in collaboration with the Guyanese Tourism Committee, organized a major communication campaign to promote the touristic destination Guyana-Amazonia in 2018. The aim of the campaign was to highlight the strong points of the destination: a truly protected paradise in the heart of the Amazon, ideal for adventure, discovery and cultural tourism.

Guyane Amazonie


Headerpop produced the report to summarize the actions carried out during the tourism awareness campaign. The aim of this report was to establish findings on the actions implemented by Atout France and the repercussions on the web, social networks, the press and tour operators.

Tourist Awareness Campaign Report
Tourist campaign report


Headerpop also participated in the organization of press trips and tour operators in French Guiana, in collaboration with the companies Puzzle Media and Yellow’. The team created the invitations and programs for the discovery itineraries of the destination.

Tourist Travel Invitations

Following the trips, a press kit was produced, based on the testimonies of Guyanese people known for their sportive or artistic talents.

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