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Each year, the FTPN, the Federation for Tourism of the Province of Namur, designs a touristic marketing plan for the stakeholders of the province.

Province Namur Tourisme


The Province of Namur Tourism commissioned us to imagine the new touristic marketing plan for the year 2020. This plan aims at federating all the actors of tourism, around coherent and coordinated actions.

We proposed a new presentation of the destination’s flagship actions as well as two new innovative measures to boost regional tourism. Our team has thus imagined two major actions in line with the trends of affinitive and inspirational tourism.

Marketing plan FTPN

At the same time, we supported the creation of the training guide for the 2020 reference platform.


Headerpop designed the edition of the 72-pages brochure of the FTPN marketing plan. The layout is based on the graphic charter of the Tourism Federation with additional graphic elements to facilitate reading and to make the message more dynamic.

Namur marketing plan
Formations guide FTPN

Headerpop also designed the FTPN training guide, a 28-pages booklet that reflects the visual spirit and dynamics of the marketing plan.

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