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Yoäg is a community of Yoga enthusiasts, initiated by Coralie Sawruk, teacher and creator of Yoga podcasts.
Yoäg shares its simple and harmonious lifestyle with "Yoägers" of all levels who can sign up for Yoga breaks and Yoga retreats, to recharge their batteries and enjoy a beneficial disconnection.



Headerpop worked on the Yoga brand creation: Yoäg. Our teams proposed the name, designed the logo, the graphic charter and created the website. The positioning of the brand aims to create a community that can be found in wellness, yoga and travel.

Yoga Brand Creation


The website expresses the feeling of well-being and serenity that yoga provides. At any time, it encourages visitors to book online a yoga session (breaks) or one of the retreats of a few days or more (collections).

Website creation


Headerpop accompanies Yoäg’s digital strategy on a daily basis, by imagining an editorial line attractive to both Yoga novices and the most experienced. In addition, community managers are responsible for conveying the brand’s messages such as the open and spontaneous spirit of the Yoäg community and the pleasures of daily yoga practice.

digital strategy yoäg
Yoga brand editorial line

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