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3 ways to reinvent tourism experiences

In a society where technology takes precedence over human relations, travelers want to recharge their batteries by focusing on values such as eco-responsibility and sociability. Holidaymakers are changing the way they travel and their selection criteria.

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Eco-friendly activities

In recent years, the media has been broadcasting reports and videos of animal life before and after the passage of the tourism industry. You have probably already seen these videos of maltreat elephants to be “trained” to walk tourists. These abuses have been denounced and the tour operators have understood. They must stop promoting these activities and replace them with more ethical ones such as walking, swimming or elephant care, for example.

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Activities that make sense

Travelers returning from vacation like to tell their stories. Stories that make sense and that make their vacation unique and different from all the other vacationers have seen before. Indeed, they seek the little extra: a meeting with locals, find themselves in the middle of a typical event, live adventures. In summary, activities off the beaten path. Airbnb offers locals to share their passions with travelers by organizing activities and experiences for them to make them discover the city in an original way.

Photogenic activities

Sharing on social media is an important part of today’s young travelers. Beautiful landscapes, beautiful cities, animals, events … so many moments to share with their friends. In addition, these photos bring visibility and notoriety to companies and destinations. For proof, between 2009 and 2014, the number of visitors to Trolltunga, this exceptional view from the top of a Norwegian cliff, rose from 500 to 40,000 visitors. This wave of visitors was mainly fueled by the many photos posted on social networks.

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