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Remote press relations: what you need to know

Press relations are changing with the times, and we tell you how to adapt thanks to digital. Modern tools for creating innovative press conferences and new techniques for media relations are emerging. Let's discover them together!

The field of event communication and public relations has adapted to current circumstances. Indeed, physical meetings are now, for the most part, replaced by virtual meetings.

It is therefore possible to imagine press and influencer relations strategies mainly at a distance. The Headerpop team investigated this new approach.

The online press conference

Online events and press conferences are gradually replacing the traditional press conference. Although sometimes complicated to organise, it allows you to create a quality contact between your brand and the media. Good press relations are therefore a real advantage for good communication.

Are you thinking of organising a virtual press conference? Here are the main tips to remember:

  • Use Zoom, which caters for all types of online conferences and events. Other tools are also available, as long as the one you choose is simple and practical to use, you’re done.
  • Send the invitation with the link to the journalists at least two weeks in advance and send them the link again a little before the event.
  • Train and assign one of your staff members to “moderate” the session so as to respect everyone’s speaking time and to keep the pace of the exchange easy for the journalists.
  • Rehearse with the people who will be speaking before the big day, so that everyone is comfortable with the journalists. This is a special exercise and it is important to practise beforehand to present your subject in the best possible light.
  • Plan a time for answering questions asked via the chat box with the journalists.

Webinars: offering an original meeting to journalists

A webinar allows for real interaction between the presenter(s) and the audience, with spontaneous reactions. Thanks to the various digital platforms available today, viewers can interact directly with the speakers by speaking or chatting.

A webinar, in other words an online group meeting, is a good way to offer journalists a special experience and also to interact with them. It can be used to present a new product, a collaboration, explain a product or a specific offer. Brands do not hesitate to call on well-known personalities or experts to animate their events.

This is the method chosen by Cacharel for the launch of its perfume Yes I am. The brand chose to organise a webinar during which French influencers were able to discuss with the American actress and Cacharel muse Shay Mitchell.

Shay Mitchell for Yes I Am

Online salons: the ClubHouse phenomenon

Designed on the same model as physical trade fairs, virtual trade fairs are composed of stands where participants can stop if they wish. Thanks to individual chats, they can exchange “in private” with the exhibitors.

For brands wishing to innovate, Clubhouse is the platform that has turned the traditional online trade show codes on their head. There is no video here, only audio! Another special feature of this platform is that you can only access it if you are invited. This gives this social network a prestigious and exclusive character that makes it stand out from other platforms. We have summarised how this network works in our article on Clubhouse.

Unboxing: offering a selected piece of your brand or destination

It is possible to find alternatives to the sometimes complicated press trips. For example, the boxed set is an original way of introducing a tourist destination from a distance. Each box is made up of objects or specialities designed to give a foretaste of what your interlocutor could discover if he came to discover your region. Culinary specialities, handicrafts, photos, it’s up to you to create the perfect composition that will arouse the curiosity of journalists and influencers!

Podcasts: transmitting an audio atmosphere or interviews to journalists

Podcasts are a way of differentiating oneself from the competition among journalists. This is the option chosen by the CEO of Peugeot, Jean-Philippe Imparato, who has created his podcast series “Road Stories“, which is available on Spotify and Apple. In this series of podcasts, the CEO talks not only about Peugeot but also about the world of the automobile in general and in particular about innovations in this sector.

This communication tool makes it possible to highlight a brand’s lifestyle, its values and its world. It is an ideal solution for transmitting a message, and above all, emotion. And that makes all the difference, whether it’s with the press or the brand’s target audience.

If you want to know more or are interested in creating a branded podcast, Headerpop has created its own podcast studio. The Spinoza studio offers the recording of fiction, comedy and interviews. For more information and examples of podcasts, see our blog post dedicated to this topic.

This means that an innovative PR strategy can be created from a distance, and technology makes this possible without much difficulty. The key to success is to anticipate journalists’ reactions and to guess what will appeal to them and what will annoy them.

The digital world will continue to invent tools to compete with reality, and that’s good news for business and a huge time saver. However, your brand deserves to be highlighted in a human and “up close” way, so the Headerpop team focuses on all the solutions at its disposal to create this precious link between journalists, influencers and your brand.


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