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Clubhouse, the latest rising star in social networking

Launched in March 2020 by two Californians used to the Silicone Valley, Clubhouse has experienced a major boom since the health crisis. Between social distancing and teleworking, this network allows to keep a contact with the outside world. We explain everything in this article!

A social network like no other

So… What is a clubhouse? Just imagine a large building with several floors, in which there are long corridors with a multitude of doors on both sides. Behind these doors, imagine conversation rooms in which up to 5,000 participants can meet… Now you have an idea? Difficult to visualize, we understand. But don’t panic, we’ll explain everything in the rest of this article!

No video, no image or text… Just the voice…

On Clubhouse, users take part in live group conferences without video. These groups are more commonly known as “rooms” and, as mentioned above, can accommodate up to 5,000 people at a time.

During these rooms, each person is invited to interact if they wish. The concept will probably please the most extroverted among you… But as Khani, an entrepreneur better known under the nickname Madebykhani, told us, “you really have to dare to speak… it took me a week to speak and even today, I listen more than I speak”!

So if you are part of the “listening is good, talking is too much to ask” team, no stress: just turn off your microphone, start the conference and listen!

Clubhouse, the new digital phenomenon

How do I get into a room?

And here’s another matter … Indeed, on Clubhouse, it is not enough to create a profile and add friends in order to enjoy the platform.

The main feature of the social network is the way to access it. The first condition to participate in the rooms is to have an iPhone, as the application works only on iOS.

The second is the fact of being invited. The founders played on the expectation of the invitation and the feeling of privilege when accessing a room. Thus, the user has the impression of being on a very selective social network in which his opinions are reserved for a certain number of people.

Moreover, Khani told us that it was possible to land in a room and chat with Gad Elmaleh or Marc Levy, prestigious isn’t it?

On Clubhouse, various topics of discussion

Whether you are looking for business advice, relaxation or new encounters, you will find what you are looking for.

Alexia Gagnon, Strategic Marketing Manager at Acceo Solutions in Quebec City, explained that she first came to Clubhouse through her work. She listened to discussions related to marketing and digital trends. Then, she confessed that she was interested in more personal topics: wellness, world affairs, photography, etc. Indeed, Clubhouse has something for everyone!

What you’ll like about Clubhouse is the diversity of content. But it’s also the opportunity to meet experts, debate with them and receive answers directly from them. For example, Clubhouse has allowed Khani to discover inspiring profiles that are completely different from those she is used to following.

In terms of content, to sum up, Alexia and Khani were first attracted by professional topics and then got caught up in the game! If Khani claims to have become addicted at some point, she still underlines being wary about the future of the platform: “I can’t wait to see how the dynamics will evolve when the app will be accessible to everyone: there will be fake news, people who will declare themselves experts and who are not…”.

Why should brands use Clubhouse?

According to the Headerpop digital team, lifestyle brands and travel destinations have a lot to gain from speaking out on Clubhouse.

  • Strong links, more intimate relationships between brands, employees and customers tend to be created through discussion. That’s what it’s all about. The immediacy, closeness and authenticity of the discussions make this network a new opportunity for companies in the tourism and lifestyle sector: to create a real and lasting relationship with their customers. But that’s not all.
  • The customer relationship is also becoming stronger and more personal. As a brand, advice on a next stay or on certain products can be given to each individual and various questions can be raised live. What better way to extend the experience and strengthen customer loyalty?
  • Clubhouse is also a storytelling platform in the making. By communicating the history of the company, the territory, or by sharing anecdotes about the creation of certain products, participants will feel more involved and closer to your brand. Clubhouse is therefore a new tool to seduce and maintain your brand image.

For example, by launching a room, a hotel will be able to communicate on its ability to stand out, on the management of its establishment and its relations with customers, but also on the destination.

It is about enriching your communication and creating a real lifestyle atmosphere. As Alexia points out, “By using Clubhouse, brands gain credibility by positioning themselves and initiating conversations on topics in which they are identified as experts.

In brief :

  • With such a strong following around the world, Clubhouse is a rapidly growing platform and will surely become a must-have social network in the coming months;
  • This social network is entertaining and allows proximity with qualified people;
  • Mainly linked to the professional world, the arrival of a new public on the network promises to broaden the topics of conversation towards new themes.

The Headerpop team sees Clubhouse as an opportunity to be seized. By embracing the codes of our new way of life and enhancing the already popular audio communication, this social network has got it right. And even if opinions sometimes seem to differ, one thing is certain: we’re keeping a close eye on Clubhouse and its possibilities.


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