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Retro and vintage madness: a phenomenon that is taking hold

The public has a passion for vintage uses, objects or fashion, and this is not only nostalgic, but also a way to consume more sensibly without depriving oneself. Headerpop presents the most striking examples of this cool and sustainable trend.

The retro lifestyle is as chic as it is practical, and all those who want a more sensible way of consuming today have already adopted vintage reflexes.

Indeed, for a few euros, you can find, in a thrift store, the sublime piece that will give a wardrobe a new look or the small 80’s decorative object that reminds us of our childhood. This nostalgia for the past is much more than a simple trend, it is a new way of consuming, more fun and reasonable.

To better understand this phenomenon, we have analysed it in the fields of lifestyle, fashion, decoration and travel.


Fashion is cyclical, trends are born, disappear and are reborn. Vintage is therefore the way to find pieces that are popular again after a time of oblivion. The search for authenticity and uniqueness is another great motivation for vintage shoppers who dream of finding the piece that will make them stand out and make a difference thanks to its style, rarity and allure.

The fashion sector is one of the most polluting. This is due to the way it is manufactured, but also to the rapid development of fast fashion chains that renew their collections at least 6 times a year, with low prices and products designed to be replaced very regularly.

Thus, with the vintage trend, consumers are rediscovering the pleasure of buying little and buying rare.

Some influencers, such as the Tik Tok influencer Marie Gaguech, have developed a very large following by blowing up ideas for vintage clothes to be found in thrift shops. However, it’s a far cry from the Emmaüs spirit with luxury pieces that can sometimes be much more expensive and rare than new ones!

The house

Since the shock of confinement, the ideal house is as comfortable as it is comforting, we spend a lot of time in it and it is the refuge where we feel good. This phenomenon is combined with a desire to return to the basics with natural materials and craftsmanship. In this new, more authentic home, vintage plays a central role with comforting and stylish objects or furniture.


Finally, vintage decoration is very popular because it is very creative, you repaint, you rework and you enjoy a 100% slow furniture and a unique creation. The pleasure is also in the experience.

The journey

The traveller wants to be surprised at home or next door, he wants simple and intense moments!

We become reasonable again and prefer to live a “daddy’s holiday”.  A patch of grass, friends, a game of cards, a delicious picnic and we are happy!

The cult objects of this trend: the oil lamp, the road map, the van, the tent, the compass, swimming in the river, picnics, sand castles, treasure hunts or playing cards, outdoor sports, guinguettes….

The vanlife is also a vintage trend, it is equipped and furnished to one’s taste to adopt an adventurous lifestyle in one’s own country.


Above all, these retro and vintage trends mark a return to simple pleasures. The public has definitely adopted the idea of concentrating on the essentials and reducing consumption. But they also want to continue to indulge themselves with a creative wardrobe and a cocooning home.

Thus, the awareness of excessive and unreasonable consumption is accompanied by a growth in second-hand purchases that will probably accelerate and become even more specialised. For example, in fashion, we are already seeing second-hand shops that offer only a few sizes or a specific style (70’s, 80’s…), or even that favour certain colours.

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