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Revenge travelling: how to prepare?

Revenge travelling, or over-consumption of travel to make up for lost time... The Headerpop team has deciphered this new trend from A to Z. Between new destinations, different expectations and new modes of inspiration, we explain everything!

As Plato said so well, the essential thing is not to live but to live well. So what could be more natural than the desire to get away from home, that is emerging among travellers around the world, who can, at last, travel again. As we have seen in the luxury sector with an explosion in sales when the shops reopen, we can expect a real boom in tourist bookings this summer: we are talking about a phenomenon of revenge travelling.

This revenge through travel follows new patterns: these travellers of a new era want to live an authentic but flexible experience that will guarantee them the freedom they so badly need. The team helps you understand this new usage and the key points to put in place to adapt to it.

Leaving yes, but for here

While long-distance travel is still in vogue, slow tourism and the staycation trend are coming to the fore. Gone are the long-haul flights and exotic destinations; the tourist of 2021 wants the real thing, the natural thing and the local thing.

Now, the dream destination is just a stone’s throw away and without having to cross borders. More than a desire, travel is becoming a need, travellers are not only ready to leave but are ready to live their dream trip and they must do it now.

Alongside these tourists who are looking for an experience off the beaten track, there are those who are looking for just the opposite: the party, the crowds, the human contact. Urban tourism is the negative of the above trend, and the term revenge travel makes even more sense: we are looking to rediscover all the sensations we have been deprived of, to rediscover the euphoria of the hustle and bustle that makes us feel alive.

However, there has been a change compared to last summer thanks to the more flexible travel arrangements. While many tourists decide to travel within their own country, others take advantage of the opening of borders to discover or rediscover European destinations: lazing around in Spain, immersing themselves in Icelandic nature or exploring the countries of Eastern Europe; the possibilities seem almost infinite.

The key word: flexibility

Revenge travelers are staying longer and are willing to pay more to make their stay the most rewarding experience possible. They want to be able to book early and still have the price freedom to make their stay flexible to their desires and the uncertainties of the current situation.

Companies in the sector must therefore adapt their offer by proposing complete packages that remain flexible and give revenge travellers the possibility of leaving with peace of mind. The conditions of reimbursement must be made as transparent as possible in order to reassure the traveller in the event of an unforeseen event.

What is important to remember is the importance of proposing a modular and adaptable offer which corresponds to the new expectations of travellers. It is this new tailor-made service that gives tourists the security and confidence they need to make decisions. It is therefore necessary to be able to modulate the offer to give travellers as much freedom as possible.

A new way to choose a destination

The current circumstances have allowed for an acceleration of the digitalization of tourism. Today, to find a destination, we get inspired on Pinterest, we discover on Instagram, we search on Facebook. It is this digital environment that seduces travellers even before they know where they are going to stay. More than ever, social networks are the place of choice for these tourists in search of escape, hence the importance of being active and interactive.

For all players in the travel sector, it is therefore essential to jump on the bandwagon by adapting their communication strategy in order to arouse the curiosity of their audience and meet their new expectations. To successfully capitalise on this revenge travelling trend, contact the Headerpop team who will help you to highlight the essence of your destination brand.

Some tips on how to ride the revenge travelling wave

  • Build on inspiring and engaging communication
  • Reconnect with local destinations and talk about them on social networks
  • Adapt your offer to the needs and desires of travellers
  • Stay close to your audience: it is this naturalness that will seduce them

Don’t hesitate to check out the Visit Ardenne and Visit Marche Instagram accounts created by our teams, which are fully in line with this trend to return to authentic travel.


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