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Slow fashion in Brussels: instructions for use

Slow fashion is the new trend that combines fashion and responsible consumption!
Very promising, this trend nevertheless faces many preconceived ideas. We explain everything here!

Slow fashion, what’s that?

Slow fashion is the latest ecological trend that combines fashion, quality and sustainability. This concept puts forward raw materials and production techniques that respect the environment, but also working conditions.

Why are we talking about this?

Because the textile industry is the second most polluting industry after oil. If we take the example of a single classic cotton t-shirt, it requires 3750 L of water (25 baths), the carbon footprint represents 5kg, and this t-shirt may have travelled around the planet one and a half times to come to your favorite store.

Consumers are buying 60% more clothes than 15 years ago, because fast fashion pushes us to buy but also to throw away more and more quickly. Collections are renewed very quickly and the quality of clothes is less and less good.

The slowdown trend is therefore a solution in response to the ecological and social consequences of the huge textile industry.

slow fashion Bruxelles

Popular belief

Second-hand, ethical, ecological… why do these terms always give us the impression that there is a negative side to it all? Here are the most common misconceptions about slow fashion and why they are wrong.

Slow fashion is too expensive! FALSE

Dressing slow can be economize! Go shopping in the thrift stores, you won’t consume anything new (totally reduced ecological footprint!) and you won’t have to pay your entire salary. Here is a non-exhaustive list of Brussels shops for second-hand clothes:

  • Déjà vu– Etterbeek: concept of second-hand clothing sales.
  • All over Brussels: Les Petits Riens, superb second-hand clothes shops. In addition, this social economy company has the mission to accompany people in difficulty to help them gain autonomy in a sustainable way.
  • Oxfam Secondhand: present all over Brussels, the Oxfam shops also have a solidarity aspect, as they employ people who find it difficult to find work on the labour market.
  • Melting Pot Kilo: from frying pan to kilo!
  • Think twice: are you a fan of vintage? Then this frying pan is made for you!
  • Dockscaviar: vintage again! You can find inspiration on their Instagram page: @dockscaviarbrussels
  • Foxhole Vintage shop: a shop… vintage (again and again), you can find their two shops in the Marolles and at the Halles St Gery
  • Vintage Podium: again and again, vintage!

And if, however, you like to change your wardrobe too often and don’t have room in the cupboards, choose to rent clothes:

Rental of party outfits: Coucou, Place du Châtelain, Brussels
Fashion for 0-6 years, for the mother-to-be and breastfeeding: Tale me shop

Slow fashion is not trendy! FALSE

Oh, is that right? Who told you that? Take a look at the hot outfits found on these Instagram accounts and follow up right away!

@julietbonhomme and his dream Instagram account sprinkled with 100% conscious OOTD – check out his “slow fashion” story. And as a bonus, she gives lots of tips on how to lead a greener life!

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@consciencethriftshop, Marie Conscience lives up to her name, she has adopted the slow style and shares with you all her Brussels tips in her story “Brussels”, enjoy!

@ethical.fashion.guide, THE account that lets you discover many really great ethical brands

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@bloomers.eco, a cute french couple who share with us all their fashion tips!

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@odavintage, fan of second hand and vintage fashion, this fashion addict will share with you all her good tips!

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@aliaslouiseblog promotes crueltyfree and ecofriendly outfits in a gentle feed

There are very few new slow fashion clothing stores! FALSE

If a few years ago this was true, today the same cannot be said. Conscious fashion is very much in vogue and more and more shops are setting up shop in Brussels. So we’ve made you a short list of the nicest shops in the capital to buy new while respecting our planet and our rights as much as possible:

  • Valérie Barckmans-Brussels centre: made in Belgium and made in France.
  • Super Green Me – The Ecoshop-Brussels centre: indoor clothing and underwear for men and women.
  • Wonderloop- Brussels centre: “your slow fashion shop”.
  • The Wild Lab- Brussels centre: here you will find the collection of Everybody agrees
  • Restore– Brussels centre (accessories, jewellery, design, etc.): superb brand of a craftsman designer from Liège
  • Cent + vingt + huit– Les Marolles: discover this small shop as you pass by, it will offer you eco-friendly clothes and home accessories.
  • Yuman Village– Louise: products and services of the circular economy for sustainable consumption
  • Belge une fois– Les Marolles: a shop 100% Belgian designers. The vintage furniture that decorates this space can also be purchased.
  • Vegasme– where you can find the luxury Bazaar de luxe.

More inspiration :

The Lemon Spoon website gathers all the slow fashion websites, with many brands and a lot of different choices.

Tips from the Headerpop team

I decided at the beginning of the year to stop buying in fastfashion stores, so I was able to find great pieces, like a pair of Lee jeans for 20€ and a Ralph Lauren shirt for the same price. I never wore brands before, second hand allows me to consume them and be more responsible!

Lisa- community manager at Headerpop.

My big challenge: not to buy new clothes for a year!

Salome – project manager at Headerpop.

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