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Slow tourism : Go far next door in The Ardennes

With the risks of contamination as a result of the Corona Virus and the resulting environmental impact of air traffic, the current context leads us to question the way we travel. Slow tourism is the ideal option for more and more tourists.

But where can you go on holiday next door and experience a real change of scenery at the same time? That’s where the Ardennes hit the bull’s-eye!

With its brand new slogan, the Ardennes is positioning itself as THE destination for a change of scenery nearby. Indeed, French, Belgians, Germans or Dutch live a few hundred km from the destination and can therefore easily get there.

Here are in a few words the reasons for “Go far next door” in The Ardennes this year 🙂

destination in ardennes

A change of landscape in symbiosis with nature

The Ardennes is a dream for all lovers of greenery and green disconnection, a place close to home where nature is queen. The destination has huge forests where you can sometimes observe many animals. At the turn of a path it is common to discover unexpected and impressive landscapes.


The place is also known for its particularly clean air quality and there are many unpolluted water sources. You can swim there in complete peace and tranquility as soon as the fine weather allows it.

Relax in ardennes

The Ardennes, a destination for everyone

Are you more of a “relax and chill” or adventurous team on holiday? In any case, the Ardennes puts everyone in agreement, between swimming, canoeing, kayaking, trekking, cycling or horse riding, the area is a paradise for those who love to move. For the most adventurous, parachute jumps, climbing, zip lines and accrobranche are also available.

nature in ardennes

To relax, the destination offers an authentic tourist experience away from the crowds, the stress of transports and the rush of organized tours. You relax and enjoy your holiday to the maximum: take a deep breath of fresh air, sit down and contemplate the view while listening to the birds sing. 


Near and change of scenery

The Ardennes has confided to Headerpop the mission to (re)discover this unexpected destination in 2020. Together we designed the slogan “Go far next door” to sum up the discovery and emotion right next door. 

To find out all about this “elsewhere” offered by the destination go to the campaign website.

Campaign website created by Headerpop

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