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This summer has nothing traditional about it, between big failures and surprising discoveries, Headerpop has dissected for you the summer tourist trends in France and Belgium.

At a time when the atmosphere in the city has never been so anxious, when every outing is planned in advance and when our freedoms are all too often relegated to the background, it is normal to see a certain number of changes in our holiday choices. Although it is a little early to draw up a real balance sheet of the current evolutions in the field of tourism, we can nevertheless observe certain changes in our habits.

Thus we can see that the 2020 holidaymaker has a blue fear of not being able to cancel his stay, that he books his holidays at the last minute and rather online, and that he wants to go next door while experiencing a nice disconnection. Here below are a few other developments to follow in the coming months.

The “lost corners” take their revenge

This summer’s major trends are undeniably family gatherings, the desire for wide open spaces and the search for fresh air.

The Gîtes de France located in natural areas that are rather set back, have an occupancy rate of 80.5%, which is 4.2 points higher than in 2019.
Mountain areas broke all their attendance records this summer with an 11% increase in overnight stays sold compared to 2019.
The rural areas, which have been neglected and relegated to the background until now, are also benefiting from the situation. Indeed, the Vosges, Jura and Dordogne recorded an average 90% increase in the rate of bookings.

Nearby destinations for a change of scenery

The Ardennes

This destination is a perfect example of local tourism for Belgians, French and Dutch people.

This summer, the cross-border Ardennes (France, Belgium, Luxembourg) established itself as the leading tourist destination in Belgium, with 81% Belgian tourists in July and August. A 20% increase compared with 2019.

France is gradually discovering the destination, a change of scenery due to its location in 3 countries, with breathtaking landscapes and numerous original outdoor sports activities.

©Teddy Verneuil

The Brittany

It was the second most popular holiday destination for the French this summer. Indeed, 84% of tourists were French during the summer of 2020. The exceptionally beautiful climate and scenic landscapes attracted a lot of people. This year, tourists in Brittany visited the interior of the country more often than ever before to add new discoveries to their stay.


Rediscovering the sun in France

The South of France is still at the top of the summer destinations with a much more French population than usual going down to enjoy the mild Mediterranean with a 23% increase in attendance compared to 2019.


Off the beaten track: medium-sized cities

A great need for air and the desire to get away from the crowds, it’s no surprise that medium-sized cities were successful this summer.

The Remarkable France action highlights 19 medium-sized towns throughout the country. Headerpop has created a press kit listing all of these places and promoting them.

Paris and Brussels the forgotten ones…

Brussels is 85% dependent on foreign tourists, so the occupancy rate of the hotel park will fall during the summer of 2020 with a rate of around 10%… The loss for Paris is also considerable, with a 68% drop in tourist activity for international customers in the first half of the year.

©Véronique De Viguerie/HypeBeast

What’s next?

Here are the words of tourism in summer 2020: local tourism, micro adventure, hiking, open air, natural space. It remains to be seen whether this new face of tourism will assert itself again in the coming months.


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