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The best of STREET ART around the world

In the subway corridors, on the walls, on the sidewalks, street-art is everywhere. With bombs, paint and even rubbish, these artists transmit original messages through impressive frescoes all over the world.


Julet Dedet, is a very meticulous French street-art artist. In search of a certain purity both in form and colors, the Atlas expresses through its art the Asian philosophy of duality as a source of complementarity. Almost hypnotic works inspired by the labyrinth, which is always a recurring motif in his works.

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The street artist Mist laid down his paint bombs and moved to Montpellier. After more than 25 years in the street, the graffiti artist now lives in galleries all over the world. Like what, graffiti has become a new trend in the art world.

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Focusing on Lettering and Wildstyle in his early days, this self-taught and passionate artist brings his know-how and technique to an abstract art that combines curves, calligraphy and dynamic forms. At ease on large formats, Astro distorts the flatness of the facades by creating illusions of impressive optics.

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Street-artist and composer, the works of Tanc take up some notions specific to electronic and experimental music. Through his works, one can feel the rhythm and drive in a fascinating painting by its intensity, its musicality and its vibratory dimension.

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Originally from New York City, Gaia began using animal imagery to bring nature into urban landscapes. In recent years, he has created many murals around the world to engage the community where he works by using historical and social references from around.

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Eduardo Kobra

Brazilian artist, the gigantic works of Eduardo Kobra are visible on the largest walls of the largest metropolises in the world. Having discovered graffiti at age 15, he now combines the tag trend, American graffiti, Mexican muralists and geometric graphics by denouncing policies contrary to his ideals.

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Christian Guémy, the famous street-artist and pochorist French created works of human size even if it can happen to him from time to time to paint walls of big dimensions. C215 puts poetry and emotion in the heart of disembodied cities to find a certain humanity.

street art

Bordalo II

For Bordalo II, waste has a second life. This Portuguese street artist has made these favorite media for gigantic and colorful assemblies. Many of his works thus portray a Nature made of materials abandoned by Man.

street art


Although no one knows his real identity, Banksy is probably the most famous graffiti artist in the world. He usually works with the stencil technique and sends strong messages through each of his creations.

street art

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